Tableau Text Table | Tableau Crosstab

1. Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study what is Tableau Text Table or Tableau Crosstab, various steps to create text table in tableau them and how we can use Crosstab in Tableau.

Tableau Text table - Tableau Crosstab

Tableau Text table – Tableau Crosstab

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2. Tableau Text Table

Tableau text table or Tableau Crosstab, a shortened term for cross tabulation. Another common term that can be used to describe text tables is a spreadsheet. A text table is a series of rows and columns that have headers and numeric values. Tableau Text table is great when the audience requires seeing the individual values. A limitation of tableau crosstab is that it requires attentive processing—whoever is using the text table needs to focus on reading and comparing the numbers because any patterns or insights are not very easy to spot.
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In this recipe, we will create a Tableau text table that shows the top 20 movies from 2007-2011, based on the worldwide gross amount.

Tableau Text table - Tableau Crosstab

Tableau Text table – Tableau Crosstab

3. How to Create Text Table in Tableau

i. Change the default number format of Audience score %. You can do this by right-clicking the field Audience score % in the Measures section of the sidebar, selecting Default properties and then Number Format…. In the window that shows up, set the following:

  • Number (Custom)
  • Decimal places: 0
  • Suffix %

ii. From Dimensions, drag Film to Rows.
iii. Now from Dimensions, drag Year to Rows.
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iv. From Dimensions, drag Film to Filters. This will open a window with several options for filtering the Film
v. Select the Top Choose By field: and specify Top 20 by Average Rotten Tomatoes %, as shown here:

Tableau Text table

Step 5. Tableau Text table

vi. From Measures, drag Worldwide Gross Amount to Text in the Marks
vii. Right-click on the Worldwide Gross Amount pill in the Marks card, and choose Format.
viii. Format the Pane tab to use:

  • Currency (Custom)
  • Decimal places: 0
  • Prefix: $
Tableau Text table

Step 8. Tableau Text table

ix. Double-click on Audience score % in the Measures This adds this measure to the text table. This also introduces a new Measure Values shelf in your canvas.
x. From Measures, double-click on Rotten Tomatoes % to add this to the text table.
xi. Change the Rotten Tomatoes % aggregation to Average. You can do this by right-clicking on this pill in the Measure Values shelf, going to Measure (Sum), and changing this to Average.
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xii. From Measures, double-click on Audience Score % to add this to the text table.
xiii. Change the aggregation of Audience Score % to Average.
xiv. From Measures, double-click on Profitability to add this to the text table.
xv. Rearrange the pills in the Measure Values shelf by dragging them manually to have the following order:

Tableau Text table

Step xv. Tableau Text table

xvi. Right-click the Film pill in Rows, and click on Sort….
xvii. In the Sort window, select:

  • Sort order Descending
  • Sort by field Worldwide Gross Amount using Aggregation of Sum

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, we learned about what Tableau Crosstab, consequently how to create Crosstab in Tableau, and also how to use tableau text table our software. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.
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