Tableau Paged Workbook and Steps to Create It

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1. Objective

In this article we are going to study about how to create Tableau paged workbook, we are going to study stepwise procedure to create Paged Workbook in Tableau.

Introduction - Tableau Paged Workbook

Introduction -Tableau Paged Workbook

2. Introduction To Tableau Paged Workbook

The perspective of the information can be spared in various pages for various estimations of the measurements or measures utilizing a paged exercise manual. A representation of the same is to look at the execution of the items against each other in particular deals locale. As the estimations of the item writes are put away as a particular page, they can be seen each one in turn or as a scope of qualities.
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3. Create Tableau Paged Workbook

The fields are placed in the page rack of the page exercise manual. For example, considering the benefit of different sub-class of items in various locales, which should be possible by the accompanying advances:
To create Tableau paged workbook there are three easy steps

a. Step 1

A bar outline with two measurements and one measure is made. The measure benefit is dragged to the segments rack and the measurements sub-classification and region are dragged to the columns rack.

Step. 1 Tableau Paged Workbook

Step. 1 Tableau Paged Workbook

b. Step 2

Drag the SubCategory field again to the page rack. It is watched that a page control is naturally included, just underneath the pages rack. This page control gives the accompanying highlights to explore through the pages in a view:

  1. Jump to a specific page
  2. Manually advance through the pages
  3. Automatically advance through page

We should perceive how to hop to a particular page and how to get the programmed show of pages. To go to a particular page tap on the drop down on the page control and select Accessories. The beneath outline shows up.
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Step. 2 Tableau Paged Workbook

Step. 2 Tableau Paged Workbook

c. Step-3

For a programmed show of pages, keep the show history checkbox ticked and tap the play catch. The programmed play of various pages of subclassifications can be seen. While the present Sub Category esteem has appeared with a dim shading, the past qualities are shaded with light shading. The underneath chart represents this c.

Step. 3 Tableau Paged Workbook

Step. 3 Tableau Paged Workbook

4. Conclusion

In this Tableau tutorial, we learned about creating Tableau paged workbooks with a proper stepwise description of the procedure, this tutorial helps us get better work with the worksheets, this helps us better do the multitasking in a very easy and convenient way. Still, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comments section.
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