Tableau Branding – Customizing Shapes, Colors, Fonts, And Images

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1. Objective

In this Tableau Branding tutorial, we are going to study the Tableau Marks – Tableau shapes Customizing, Tableau colors Customizing, Tableau Fonts Customizing, And Tableau Images Customizing. Moreover, we will learn Transparency in Tableau Dashboard & Tableau Highlight with some Tableau Branding/Tableau Marks example.

What is Branding in Tableau

What is Branding in Tableau

2. Tableau Branding

Tableau Branding comes with a good type of pre-defined shapes, colors, and fonts. However, you’ll be able to vogue these objects to fulfill your specific desires. In this tableau tutorial, we will Tableau Branding concept in Deep.
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3. Tableau Shapes Customization

There is nothing wrong with exploitation the default shapes as you see in Figure 7-25.

Tableau Branding - Tableau Shapes Customization

Tableau Branding – Tableau Shapes Customization

Tableau Shape Customizing the form accustomed plot climatic conditions will offer additional immediate understanding. Figure 7-26 shows a similar map, however with weather pictures to depict climatic conditions.
The use of tailored pictures in Figure 7-26 conveys climatic conditions additional intuitively. This instance was created exploitation one of all the accessible commonplace forms provided in Tableau’s shape pallet. Writing shapes is completed by accessing the form menu from the form legend you see in Figure 7-27.

Tableau Marks - Tableau Shapes Customization

Tableau Marks – Tableau Shapes Customization

If Tableau’s commonplace form legend or pallets don’t suit your necessities, import custom form files (png, jpeg, bmp, gif) and build them accessible to use in your views by following these steps:

  1. Produce a folder to carry the image files beneath My Tableau Repository.
  2. Offer the folder a 1 or 2-word name (Tableau uses This Name).
  3. Produce a read that uses shapes.
  4. Edit the quality form by choosing the foreign custom form.

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The best results area unit achieved exploitation pictures that area unit sized at (32 n 32) pixels.

4. Tableau Colors Customization

Colors Customizing is another feature of Tableau branding, it creats tailored colors for individual marks is done simply exploitation the color button within the marks tab. Build a custom color by clicking the color button and choosing the additional colors choice. This exposes the window seen in Figure 7-28.

Tableau Branding - Tableau Colors Customization

Tableau Branding – Tableau Colors Customization

You can scroll through color choices exploitation the color pane within the read or kind of specific values. Once the color is outlined, click on the augment Custom colors choice to build the color accessible to be used.
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It’s additionally doable to make utterly tailored color pallets. Tableau took charge to make color pallets that effectively communicate. They thought of factors like color blindness—providing grayscale and a selected color-blind friendly pallet. If you have got a selected want that the accessible color pallets don’t fulfill, attempt mix colors from completely different commonplace pallets. If you are doing have an awfully.
Specific want (perhaps matching an emblem color scheme), making a totally tailored pallet is feasible however you have got to switch Tableau’s preferences file situated in \My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Preferences.tps.
Search Tableau’s website for a content article known as making Custom Color Palettes for specific details. You’ll have to be compelled to use a text editor (like Windows Notepad) to feature the custom pallet by adding XML script that defines the palette name (as you wish it to appear), then outline the color values.

5. Tableau Fonts Customization

Tableau Branding provides a good variety of font customization. You’ll be able to customize the font vogue, size, color, boldness, and underlining for each part of text contained in headings, axis labels, mark labels, and Tooltips. In most cases, the quality font picks work fine. Dynamical the font type of dynamic title components could be a quite common use and helps individuals notice that values in dashboards amendment once picks area unit created. Figure 7-29 shows a dashboard with dynamic date headings.

Tableau Branding - Tableau Fonts Customization

Tableau Branding – Tableau Fonts Customization

In Tableau dashboard, the Year Filter within the left section of the title filters each chart contained within the dashboard for a year. You’ll be able to see that 2012 is chosen and therefore the title for every chart reflects that year choice. Additionally, the statistic chart is filtered via associate action from the merchandise crosstab. Styling headings with dynamic components are completed by double-clicking on the title, inserting the variable, so dynamical the font, color, or boldness of that part as seen in Figure 7-30.
Coloring the dynamic title components black and therefore the static title contents gray provides visual confirmation to the data client that the read is filtered for the specified picks.

Tableau Marks - Tableau Fonts Customization

Tableau Marks – Tableau Fonts Customization

6. Tableau Image/ Pictures Customization

Tableau branding provides us facility of image customization. The most typical use for a picture during a dashboard is to feature an organization emblem. By exploitation the image object, logos are placed and sized to suit the title area. Their area unit a handful of tricks you ought to bear in mind of that may assist you to match pictures exactly. The InterWorks emblem could be a commonplace JPEG file. When inserting the image object into the dashboard at the specified location, choose the decide Image choice by informing to the upper-right corner of the item to reveal the menu you see in Figure 7-31.

Tableau Branding - Tableau Image Customization

Tableau Branding – Tableau Image Customization

After choosing the image, click on the match Image and Center Image choices. These force the image file to size mechanically if you alter the image object size.
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7. Tableau Marks – Transparency

Transparency in Tableau branding, it would be helpful for several chart sorts to permit the ‘opacity’ management to be freelance for each color (mark). At present, once you amendment the ‘opacity’ management it applies to all or any colors within the read.

Tableau Marks-Transparency

Tableau Marks-Transparency

It would be helpful to either have this management at the color level or type} a ‘transparent’ color to choose up form the colors palette section.

Tableau Branding - Transparency

Tableau Branding – Transparency

At present solely a white color is offered however it might be helpful to possess a special ‘transparent’ color, or as mentioned to instead permit to pick to the opacity management at the individual color level.
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Transparent marks are helpful as an example once making the illusion of ‘floating’ space charts, however with the present settings you can’t very produce them simply or format them properly (e.g. grid lines layout position is behind the colour marks and gets hidden by the white ‘dummy’ space accustomed construct the floating chart.

How to do Transparency in Tableau Branding

How to do Transparency in Tableau Branding

8. Tableau Highlight

After Transparency, we can highlight our data by tableau branding option.
i. On a worksheet choose Worksheet >Actions. From a dashboard, choose Dashboard >Actions.
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ii. In the Actions, window click the Add Action button so choose Highlight.

Tableau Branding - Tableau Highlight

Tableau Branding – Tableau Highlight

iii. Name the action to spot it within the Actions window. Attempt to create the name descriptive, such as Highlight merchandise Shipped by van. You’ll choose variables from a drop-down list and use them within the name. Then they’re stuffed in supported the values of the chosen field.
iv. Use the drop-down list to pick the supply sheet or information supply. If you choose a knowledge supply or a dashboard sheet, you’ll more choose individual sheets inside them.

Tableau Marks - Tableau Highlight

Tableau Marks – Tableau Highlight

v. Select, however, you would like to trigger the action. You’ll choose from the subsequent options:

  • Hover – Rest the pointer over a mark within the read to run the action. This feature works well for highlight and filter actions inside a dashboard.
  • Select – Click a mark on the read to run the action. This feature works well for every type of actions.
  • Menu – Right-click (control-click on Mac) {a chooseed|a specific|a particular} mark within the read so select associate possibility on the context menu. This feature works well for filter and universal resource locator actions.

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vi. Select a target sheet. If you choose a dashboard, you’ll more choose individual sheets inside the dashboard.

Tableau Marks - Tableau Highlight

Tableau Marks – Tableau Highlight

vii. Select the fields you would like to use for lightness. Choose from the subsequent options:

  • Selected Fields – Marks within the target sheet are highlighted supported choose fields. As an example, lightness victimization the Ship Mode field can end in associate action that highlights all marks within the target sheet that have identical ship mode because of the selected mark within the supply sheet.
  • Dates and Times – Marks on the target sheet are highlighted once their date and time match those of the marks selected within the supply sheet. The supply and target worksheets will solely have one date field every, but the date fields will have totally different names.
  • All Fields – Marks within the target sheet are highlighted once they match the marks selected from the supply sheet. All fields are thought-about once determinant a match.
Tableau Marks - Tableau Highlight

Tableau Marks – Tableau Highlight

viii. When finished, click OK doubly to shut the dialog boxes and come back to the read.
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9. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we learned about what is Tableau branding/ Tableau marks, different ways to Customizing Tableau shapes, Tableau colors, Tableau Fonts, And Tableau Images which can be used to edit to Tableau for better representation of the data and using them. With the end of this Tableau branding tutorial, we complete yet another step in our journey.
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