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How to transfer data from Windows to Ubuntu using WinSCP

Objective The objective of this tutorial is to enable the user to transfer data from Windows to Ubuntu using WinSCP and vice-versa. In this tutorial, we will use Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04, but the same tutorial will work for other versions of Windows and Ubuntu. This tutorial will work in case of Ubuntu is installed on another machine. Before transferring the data you must have Ubuntu ready, Install Ubuntu in VMWare player. 1. Start Ubuntu: Start VMWare Player and open […]


Common Linux Commands

Common Linux Commands with Examples – Part 6

1. Objective This Linux commands tutorial will provide you with Common Linux commands List that will help you in gaining further Linux programming knowledge. You will learn Linux commands like gunzip, bunzip2, tar, uniq, set, unset, uname, df, du and touch in this section. For more commands, go through Linux commands part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5. 2. Common Linux Commands 2.1. gunzip a. Usage: $ gunzip file.gz This command unzips the zip file 2.2. […]

Important Linux commands with syntax – Part 5

1. Objective In this tutorial, you will learn important Linux commands that are required to become Linux expert and would help you in learning Linux programming. These are some of the top Linux commands with syntax and examples. You have already seen basic commands in Linux commands Part 1 and Linux commands Part 2. Commands on Linux Part 3 and Linux commands for programming Part 4 covered some advanced commands. This linux tutorial covers commands like history, sudo, clear, su, […]

Important linux commands

linux commands

Most commonly used Linux commands with Syntax – Part 4

1. Objective This Linux commands tutorial will guide you with some of the top used Linux commands with syntax. Few Linux commands with examples are available for easy learning and to make you ready for Linux programming. It covers commands like rm, shred, man, head, tail, grep, egrep, whoami, chmod, chown. So let’s start!!! 2. Linux Commands with Syntax 2.1. rm a. Usage: $ rm file1 This command will remove the file which u pass as an argument b. Usage: […]

Linux commands List for Linux Programming – Part 3

1. Objective This Linux Commands tutorial covers Linux commands list for beginners. It will help you in learning 10 most commonly used Linux commands with syntax to start Linux programming. You will also get few Linux commands with examples here. It will cover commands like pwd, cd, ls, mkdir, rmdir, echo, cat, zcat, cp and mv. So here you go!!! 2. Linux Commands List 2.1. pwd a. Usage: pwd This command is used to print working directory b. Usage: d= […]

linux commands

Important Linux Commands Tutorial Part-II 1

1. Objective This important Linux commands tutorial lists 34 most frequently used Linux commands which are useful for beginners while getting familiar with Linux, Linux commands and terminal. To install Ubuntu Linux refer Ubuntu installation guide 2. Important Linux Commands Tutorial Top 34 frequently used Linux commands are given below In this section of Important Linux Commands Tutorial along with their usage- 2.1. gzip a. Usage: $ gzip filename It compresses content of files, gives extension of .gz and needs to […]

15 most Frequently used Linux Commands Tutorial 1

1. Objective This Linux commands tutorial will provide you top 15 frequently used Linux commands. In the globe, 90% of the IT industries consider Linux as the most reliable, safe and secure operating system. Linux is considered as the best operating system in all leading IT industries today for project development and deployment in production. Hence it is very necessary for all of us to learn how to work on Linux. At the end of this Linux Commands tutorial, you will […]

Frequently used Linux Commands for Beginners

How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player 1

1. Objective This guide will explain how to create a virtual machine and how to install Ubuntu on VMWare player. VMWare player provides virtualization framework using which we can create virtual machines and share the resources of the physical host machine. Apart from this, we can install guest OS for the requirements which cannot be fulfilled using host OS. Alternatively, you can create virtual machine and install Ubuntu using Oracle Virtual Box 2. How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player Follow […]

Virtual Box Installation Guide

1. Objective The below tutorial will help you to easily install Virtual Box on the host OS installed on your machine. In Virtual Box we can easily run a number of guest operating systems depending upon your hardware configurations. Virtual Box saves system’s memory by configuring a number of OS on it, rather than individually installing them. And we can also install a number of setups and services on it. 2. Download Link You can download the latest version of […]

How to Install Ubuntu on Virtual Box – Step by Step guide 3

1. Objective This step by step tutorial will explain how to install Ubuntu on virtual box. learn how to create ubuntu virtual machine. virtual box provides virtualization framework using which we can run guest OS in parallel to host operating system. This could be useful when certain setups/services cannot be configured on host OS. Alternatively, you can create virtual machine and install Ubuntu using VMWare Player 2. How To Install Ubuntu On Virtual Box? Before starting you need to install […]