Tableau Map-How to Create Tableau Heat Map

1. Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study What is Heat Map in Tableau, Tableau Heat map, how to create a heat map in tableau, a stepwise procedure to do so.
So, let us start Tableau Heat Map.

Tableau Heat Map - What is Heat Map

Tableau Heat Map – What is Heat Map

2. What is Tableau Heat Map

Heat maps are graphs that display information using a matrix of colors. Often the density of color in the matrix represents the concentration of information or the relative magnitude of the values. Heat maps are great for spotting patterns based on the concentration or density of information.
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In this recipe, we will create a heat map that can easily show which flood caused the most fatalities, and in which year it occurred.

Tableau Heat Map

Tableau Heat Map

3. How to Create Heat Map in Tableau

Below are the steps to create Tableau Heat Map.
i. From Dimensions, drag Began to Rows. Tableau will automatically choose the YEAR level for this date field.
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ii. Right-click on the Null column heading produced by the YEAR(Began) pill in Rows, and select Exclude.

Step 2. Tableau Heat Map

Step 2. Tableau Heat Map

iii. From Dimensions, drag Main Flood Cause to Columns.
iv. From Measures, drag Dead to Color in the Marks
v. Click on the top-right drop-down arrow of the color legend and choose Edit title….
vi. Edit the title of the color legend to display Fatalities.
vii. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the color legend and choose Edit colors….
viii. Choose the Gray Warm 10.0 palette and click on Assign Palette. Click on OK when done.\
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ix. Adjust the width and height of the columns. You can do this by moving your mouse pointer to the column or row edge of a film until you see a double-headed arrow. The left-right double-headed arrow allows you to adjust the width, and the up-down double-headed arrow allows you to adjust the height.
x. Add the grid borders. You can do this by selecting the Format menu item, and selecting Borders…. The format sidebar will replace the original data sidebar. In this Format borders side bar, under the Sheet tab Default section, add borders to the Cell, Pane, and Header.

Tableau Heat Map

Step 10. Tableau Heat Map

xi. Right-click on the column with the darkest color—the column that represents the year 2004 and the main cause of Tidal Surge. Select Annotate and then Mark. Add the following annotation:

Tableau Heat Map

Step 11.Tableau Heat Map

4. Conclusion

In this Tableau tutorial, we learned about what is heat map in Tableau, how tableau heat maps are useful to us and how to create heat map in a tableau, it will help us work better with Tableau software.
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