Tableau Application – 5 Essential Tableau Use Cases

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1. Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we will learn what is tableau. Moreover, we will cover all the important Tableau application and use cases.
So, let’s discuss Tableau Application.

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Application –  5 Essential Tableau Use Cases

2. What is Tableau Software?

Tableau Software provides software applications for fast analytical and rapid-fire business intelligence. Tableau Desktop is a data visualization application that lets you analyze virtually any type of structured data and produce highly interactive, beautiful graphs, dashboards, and reports in just minutes.
Let’s Learn Tableau Design Flow in Tableau Dashboard & Worksheet

3. Tableau Application

These are some important Tableau Application, let’s discuss them one by one:

a. Data

Applications square measure used a day in each facet of our lives, nonetheless, we regularly overlook that the majority of them square measure merely fancy GUIs (or graphical user interfaces) wrapped around information. The challenge book isn’t any completely different. In fact, it connects to a little stand out table with solely 5 columns.
Creating the information to drive your Tableau application is that the initial and most significant step. It is vital to possess a transparent understanding of however every element of information ought to be utilized in the appliance. That way, you’ll be able to build a knowledge set that is as light-weight as attainable and straightforward to change in the future.
This image shows the information set I used for the challenge workbook:

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Application –  Data

Let’s Explore Tableau Data Terminology 
And this image shows wherever every column seems within the application:

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Application of Tableau – Data

All of the pictures and files you wish to link to ought to be hosted on an online server. If you’re simply creating an area application to run on your laptop, they will be in a very native folder. you’ll be able to learn a lot of regarding different choices for victimization pictures in Tableau here. I host all pictures and documents on Bluehost so I will link to them from Tableau Public.

b. Framework

Once the information is prepared to travel, load it into Tableau and build the framework of the appliance. In my book, the framework is comprised of six separate sheets. 3 of the sheets square measure lists of the challenge names, categories, and queries. 2 of the sheets square measure buttons for downloading the challenge and resolution workbooks. The last sheet could be a website object dragged into the dashboard (be absolute to leave the address blank). Drag all of those sheets into a replacement dashboard without concern regarding data format at now.
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You can build buttons in Tableau by swing variety of records on text in a very blank sheet, then redaction the text.

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Application – Framework (Button)

Filter Action
Now that we have the framework, we are able to begin making the interactions between sheets victimization dashboard actions. The primary interaction is easy: once a user selects a challenge, show the associated description and transfer buttons. I even have a column labeled “solution” in my information that I take advantage of to cover the answer button for 1/2 the challenges.
Create a filter action underneath the dashboard tab. The filter is triggered by a range of a challenge from the challenge list and affects the 3 hand-picked target sheets. I select to depart the filter once clearing the choice, however selecting to exclude all values is additionally an honest choice. Showing all values is probably going not an honest choice here as a result of it might find yourself showing a protracted list of all of the challenge descriptions. This logic may also apply to filter the challenges from the class sheet.
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Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Application – Framework (Filter Action)

c. Download Button Action

To create a transfer supported a button, we are going to use an address action. Fill during this section with the address of the placement of the files to be downloaded. Use “www.yourwebsite/downloadfolder/” with the file name additional at the tip. in this case, the file is dynamic and supported a range, thus we are able to use the challenge name dimension wrapped in brackets. The facet carrot distinguished within the image below permits you to input dimensions into the address path. Finally, add the file sort at the tip to finish the address.
How to Add Worksheets and Rename Worksheet In Tableau
If business enterprise your book to Tableau Public, you’ll conjointly precede the address link with AN https protocol. once choosing a challenge, this address path can update the previous action to solely embrace the challenge name within the choice.

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Use Cases – Download Button Action (URL)

URL Image
The address image forms identical means because of the transfer buttons. Produce a separate address action. Rather than victimization the address of the transfer file, place within the address path of the place wherever the image is hosted. Build it dynamically like on top of and add the right file sort to the tip of the address (.png, .jpeg). This may mechanically populate the online page object within the dashboard while not creating any specifications. As a result of the starter page of my book is .html and not.png, I even have to conjointly build the file sort dynamic within the address path by writing a calculated dimension: IF [Challenge Name] = “start page” THEN ‘.html’ ELSE ‘.png’ END.

d. Formatting

Once the framework and interactions square measure operating, appearances will address. I’ll review the way to accomplish the 2 main data format styles, making lists and multiple-column lists.
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I have found the foremost effective thanks to building a listing is to place the dimension you wish listed in rows and text. Next, right-click the dimension on the rows shelf and uncheck ”show header.”

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau Use Cases – Formatting (Lists)

e. Multiple-Column Lists

Multiple-column lists square measure a lot of normally called trellis charts in Tableau. you’ll be able to build these by applying a touch little bit of scientific discipline. See this post, tell however is done.
The rest of the {formatting|format|data format|data format|information|info} will accomplish from the formatting tab for every sheet. Bear in mind to use tricks like repeating and pasting data format from sheet to sheet

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

Tableau application and Tableau use cases

So, this was all about Tableau application. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

Hence, in this Tableau tutorial, we learned several Tableau application. Furthermore, if you have a query regarding Tableau use cases, feel free to ask in the comment section.
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