Tableau Bullet Graph – How to Create Tableau Bullet Chart

1. Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study what is Bullet Graph in Tableau is, how to create Tableau Bullet Graph with proper illustrations.
So, let us start with Tableau Bullet Graph.

Tableau Bullet Graph

Introduction – Tableau Bullet Graph

2. What is Tableau Bullet Graph

A bullet chart allows us to visualize progress in a small, concise graph. This Tableau Bullet chart borrows from thermometers and progress bars and is typically used to show goals vs. actuals.
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In this recipe, we will create a Tableau bullet chart that shows the comparison between field goals attempted and field goals made by Phoenix Suns players in the NBA 2009 season.

Example - Tableau Bullet Graph

Example – Tableau Bullet Graph

3. How to Create Bullet Graph in Tableau

Following are the steps to create Tableau Bullet chart.
i. From Dimensions, drag Team Name to the Filters shelf.
ii. Under the General tab, check Suns.
iii. From Dimensions, drag Year to the Filters shelf.
iv. Under the General tab, choose 2009.
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v. From Dimensions, drag League to the Filters shelf.
vi. Under the General tab, check N for NBA.
vii. If it doesn’t exist yet, create a calculated field called Player Name, and provide the following formula that concatenates First Name and Last Name:

Step 7. Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 7. Tableau Bullet Chart

viii. From Dimensions, drag Player Name to the Rows shelf.
ix. From Measures, drag Field Goals Attempted to the Columns shelf. This creates a bar chart by default.
x. From Measures, drag Field Goals Made to Details on the Marks card.
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xi. Click on the Analytics tab in the sidebar to activate it.
xii. Drag the Reference Line onto your view, and choose Cell.

Step 12. Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 12. Tableau Bullet Chart

xiii. In the Line section, for Value: choose SUM(Field Goals Made) and use the default aggregation of Average. Set Label: to None.

Step 13. Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 13. Tableau Bullet Chart

xiv. Click on Size in the Marks card to adjust the bar chart to be narrower so that the reference line stands out more. Slide the control to the left to make the bar narrower.
xv. From the Analytics tab, drag Distribution Band to your view and choose Cell.

Step 15. Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 15. Tableau Bullet Chart

xvi. Set the following values for the distribution band:

  • For Computation Value, use Percentages, and provide the values 60, 80, 100
  • For Formatting, use Gray Very Light for Fill, and check the Fill Below checkbox
Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 16. Tableau Bullet Chart

xvii. Go to the Format menu, and choose Lines. This will show a formatting sidebar.
xviii. Under the tabs Sheet, Rows and Columns set the Grid Lines to None. Close the formatting sidebar when done.

Tableau Bullet Chart

Step 18. Tableau Bullet Chart

4. Conclusion

In this tutorial we learned about Tableau Bullet Graph, creation and working of Tableau Bullet Chart, thus completing another type of Tableau Charts.
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