What is Sorting in Tableau – Tableau Sort Data Visualization

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1. Tableau Sort – Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study about what is sorting in Tableau. We will also discuss how to use Quick Sort in Tableau. At last, we will see why is my king broken and combined filed. Here, we will discuss Tableau Sort by Dimension

So, let us start with Sorting in Tableau.

Sorting in Tableau

What is Sorting in Tableau – Sort Data Visualization

2. Quick Sorting in Tableau

The quick kind performs in Tableau is helpful in most straightforward situations. For all my examples I’m progressing to be victimization Superstore Sales. Within the image below I actually have a bar graph showing a profit by state.

Sorting in Tableau

Quick Sorting in Tableau

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We can use a fast kind on either our State field or our Profit field.

Sorting in Tableau

Quick – Tableau Sorting

A quick kind of state types our bars ascending or drizzling on the state name.

Sorting in Tableau

Sorting in Tableau

Whereas a form of profit can order our bars by the quantity of profit.

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At any time we are able to state {the kind, the type, the kind} dialogue box (right-click on the Dimension field within the read and choose Sort) to envision what Tableau has applied to make the fast sort.

Sorting in Tableau

Sorting in Tableau

Above is, however, Tableau applied a fast kind of Profit. Note – you’ll act and choose any live field to kind by, though it’s not live on the read.

Quick Sorting in Tableau is nice after we are making fast explorations of our information and our charts are fairly easy. However, challenges arise after we begin adding in further fields to the read.

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3. Why is My Kind Broken?

Say I would like to search out across regions and instrumentality varieties the quantity of profit I create. i would like to be ready to kind my bars by profit among the various regions. Thus I take advantage of a fast kind on profit, here is what I get:

Sorting in Tableau

Tableau Sorting – Kind Broken

Hmm. Something’s not right. Within the Central region, the little Pack instrumentality is creating less profit than giant Box. However, the bar for tiny Pack is higher than the bar for giant Box? Why will Tableau do this?

Tableau is truly taking in to account the information across all Regions once applying this kind. Across all regions, little Pack accounts for $67,161 of profit, whereas giant Box accounts for less: $65,490. Thus Tableau is sorting the bars among our Regions with little Pack higher than giant Box. Whereas this kind of sorting in Tableau could also be helpful inbound situations, it’s not what I’m craving for nowadays.

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So, will we get around this? In version eight we are able to produce a combined field. In version seven we might have to be compelled to produce a group. This ‘Sorting in Tableau’ can follow victimization the version eight technique, except for additional on the version seven technique you’ll click here.

4. Combined Fields

To create a combined field multi-select (click whereas holding Ctrl) the size needed within the read. In this case, that’s instrumentality and Region. Then right-click one in all the chosen Dimensions and choose mix Fields.

Sorting in Tableau

Combined Fields Sorting in Tableau

The combined field can then be found within the Dimensions pane. you’ll edit the sphere at any time by right-clicking. you’ll amendment the order of the fields, rename the sphere and set what character the members are separated by.

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Sorting in Tableau

Tableau Sort by Dimension

You can add but several fields to the combined field pro re nata. Thus if you wish to kind supported 3 Dimensions, simply multi-select all 3 before you produce the combined field.

Now we’ve our combined field, we are able to re-create the read victimization the combined field, instead of the Region and instrumentality fields.

Sorting in Tableau

Combined Fields Sorting in Tableau

The last step is to re-create the kind of the new combined field.

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Sorting in Tableau

Combined Fields Sorting in Tableau

Here’s our final view:

Sorting in Tableau

Combined Fields Sorting in Tableau

This was all about Sorting in Tableau Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.

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5. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we studied the sorting in Tableau and Quick Tableau Sorting. At last, we have seen combine field or tableau sort by dimension. Furthermore, if you have any query feel free to ask in a comment section.

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