Tableau Charts – Tableau Area Chart

1. Objective

In this tutorial, we are going to study what Area charts in Tableau, how to create Tableau Area Chart and it a stepwise description for creating area charts in Tableau.
So, let us start with Tableau Area Chart with Colors.

Tableau Area Chart

Tableau Area Chart

2. Tableau Area Chart

An area chart in Tableau is very similar to a line chart (time series graph) with the area between the axis and the line shaded. Tableau stacked area chart segregates the area, based on related categories. Tableau Area charts may allow trends to be more easily spotted because the eye focuses on a bigger area rather than comparing lines.
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In this recipe, we will create an area chart in Tableau, that will show the results of restaurant reinspections in New York City from June 2012 to June 2016.

Tableau Area Chart - Example

Tableau Area Chart – Example

3. How to Create Area Chart in Tableau

i. Change the mark type to Area in the marks.
ii. From measures, drag number of records to rows.
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iii. From dimensions, right-click and drag inspection date to columns. This will open a window asking for the specific value to place.
iv. Choose continuous month. This is the MONTH(inspection date) option in the fourth section, with a green calendar icon to its left.

Tableau Area Chart

Step 4 – Tableau Area Chart

v. From dimensions, right-click drag inspection date to filter. This will open a window that shows the possible variation of values that can be used.
vi. Choose to filter by discrete year, which is the third option called years with a blue # beside it, and then click next >.

Tableau Area Chart

Step 6 – Tableau Area Chart

vii. Under the general tab, choose all years except for 1900.

Tableau Area Chart

Step 7 – Tableau Area Chart

viii. Under the wildcard tab:
a. Type the keyword re-inspection in the match value: text box.
b. Choose contains in the radio button options.
c. Leave the checkbox to include all values when empty checked.

Tableau Area Chart

Step 8 – Tableau Area Chart

ix. From dimensions, right-click and drag grade to color in the marks card.
x. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the color legend and choose edit colors….
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xi. Choose the color blind 10 palettes and click on assign palette. Click on OK when done.
xii. Right-click on an empty area in your chart and select annotate, and the Area.
xiii. Add the following annotation, and place it on top of the area that represents the A grades.

4. Conclusion

In this Tableau tutorial, we learned about the Tableau Area chart, how to create Area chart in Tableau, a stepwise procedure to create Tableau Stacked Area chart.
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