Creating Tableau Density Map Using Hexbins

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1.  Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study what is Tableau density map. Moreover, we will discuss how to create density map in tableau and building density map using hexbins in Tableau. At last, we see how to work with Tableau density map and many other things.

So, let us start Tableau Density Map.

Tableau Density Map

Creating Tableau Density Map Using Hexbins

2. Tableau Density Map

Density maps in Tableau are an incredible method to indicate focus in a zone. I as of late observed a density delineate imagined the grouping of tornados over the US without speaking to whole states.
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Here we demonstrate to you proper methodologies to make Tableau density maps delineate Tableau. At that point, we’ll make it a stride further to utilize hexbins as a component of our thickness outline.

3. How to Create Density Map in Tableau?

Here, we are going to make Tableau density plot, let’s discuss its steps one by one:
i. Make computed fields for the adjusted scope and longitude.

Tableau Density Map

Step-1 Creating Tableau Density Map

ii. Drag the adjusted scope and longitude on to the Rows and Columns racks. Ensure that both are nonstop measurements. Set the stamp to square and set the size in the center.
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Tableau Density Map

Step-2 Creating Tableau Density Map

iii. Drag the measurement you have to the shading rack and kill gridlines. Cover up the two headers also.

Tableau Density Map

Step-3 Creating Tableau Density Map

iv. At long last, carry the worksheet into the dashboard and size suitably. Here we utilized 1050 by 550, you can use any dimensions.

4. How to Create Density Map Using Hexbins in Tableau?

Following steps are helpful in creating Tableau Density Map Using Hexbins.
i. Make a parameter called “ratio.” This will give you a chance to control the binning. The higher the ratio, the more binning in the view.
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ii. Make the hexbins for longitude and latitude.

Tableau Density Map

How to Create Density Map Using Hexbins in Tableau

Tableau Density Map

How to Create Density Map Using Hexbins in Tableau

iii. Drag Hexlong and Hexlat to Columns and Rows, individually. Set your proportion to the binning level that you favor. For this situation, we utilized 2.5. Conceal the headers too.

Tableau Density Map

Step-3 Create Density Map Using Hexbins in Tableau

iv. Maneuver the worksheet into the dashboard and size properly. Here we utilized 1184 by 660 in this view.
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This was all about Tableau Density Map Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation of creating density map in tableau using hexbins.

5. Conclusion

Hence, in this tutorial, we learned about the what is density maps in Tableau, how to create Tableau density plot, and also create density mapping using hexbins in Tableau. Furthermore, if you have any query feel free to ask in a comment section.
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