Tableau Dashboard – Creating Dashboard in Tableau

1. Tableau Dashboard – Objective

In this Tableau Dashboard tutorial, first of all, we are going to study what is Tableau Dashboard, Creating DashBoard in Tableau and how to use Dashboard in Tableau, and Tableau Dashboard examples.

Tableau Dashboard

Tableau Dashboard – Creating Dashboard in Tableau

2. What is Tableau Dashboard?

Tableau dashboard is a united show of numerous worksheets and related data in a solitary place. It is utilized to think about and screen an assortment of information all the while. The distinctive information sees are shown at the same time. Tableau Dashboard appears as tabs at the base of the exercise manual and they generally get refreshed with the latest information from the information source. While making a dashboard in Tableau, you can include sees from any worksheet in the exercise manual alongside numerous supporting items, for example, content territories, pages, and pictures.

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Each view you add to the dashboard associated with its comparing worksheet. So when you alter the worksheet, Tableau dashboard will refresh and when you change the view in the dashboard, the worksheet will refresh.

3. How to Create Dashboard in Tableau?

Here, are some Steps to Build & Desing Tableau Dashboard.

1. Step one

Produce a blank worksheet by mistreatment the add worksheet icon set at the lowest of the book. Drag the dimension section to the columns shelf and also the dimension Sub-Category to the Rows Shelf. Drag and drop the live Sales to the color shelf and also the live Profit to the scale shelf. This worksheet is referred because of the Master worksheet. Right-click and rename this worksheet as Sales_Profits. the subsequent chart seems.

Creating Dashboard in Tableau

Step 1- Creating Dashboard in Tableau

2. Step two

Produce another sheet to carry the small print of the Sales across the States. For this, drag the dimension State to the Rows shelf and also the live Sales to the Columns shelf as shown in the following screenshot. Next, apply a filter to the State field to rearrange the Sales during a falling order. Right-click and rename this worksheet as Sales_state.
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Creating Dashboard in Tableau

Step 2- Creating Dashboard in Tableau

3. Step three

Next, produce a blank dashboard by clicking the produce New Dashboard link at the lowest of the book. Right-click and rename the dashboard as Profit_Dashboard.

Creating Dashboard in Tableau

Step 3- Creating Dashboard in Tableau

4. Step four

Drag the 2 worksheets to the dashboard. close to the highest borderline of Sales Profit worksheet, you’ll see 3 tiny icons. Click the center one, that shows the prompt Use as Filter on hovering the mouse over it.
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Creating Dashboard in Tableau

Step 4- Creating Dashboard in Tableau

5. Step five

Currently, within the dashboard, click the box representing Sub-Category named Machines and section named client.

You can notice that solely the states wherever the sales happened for this quantity of profit area unit filtered call at the correct pane named Sales_state. This illustrates, however, the sheets area unit connected to a dashboard.

Creating Dashboard in Tableau

Step 5- Creating Dashboard in Tableau

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4. Conclusion

Hence, in this Tableau Dashboard tutorial, we learned about the Definition of a dashboard in Tableau, its functions with Tableau Dashboard examples. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.
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