Tableau Funnel Chart – 4 Steps to Create Funnel Chart in Tableau

1. Tableau Funnel Chart – Objective

In our last tutorial, we discuss Tableau dashboard, in this tutorial, we are going to study Tableau Funnel Chart, how to create Sales Funnel Tableau chart and it a stepwise description. Moreover, we will see Tableau funnel chart multiple measures and example of Funnel chart in a tableau.
So, let us start with Tableau Funnel Chart.

Tableau Funnel Chart

Tableau Funnel Chart

2. What is Tableau Funnel Chart?

Tableau Funnel Chart use to want to visualize multi-stage processes wherever some subjects square measure a part of the method. And these subjects progress through method, they keep obtaining eliminated in every stage and solely a number of surviving until the top. Thus, during a funnel method, every stage incorporates a ‘survival rate’.
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3. Where We Can Use Tableau Funnel Chart?

Before we learn how to create tableau funnel chart we should learn where we can use it.
Funnel charts square measure amazing and square measure good to indicate:

  • Customer acquisition funnel (digital marketing)
  • Survival processes (competition, admission, sports, job)
  • Sales funnel (Salesforce)
  • Napoleon March (isn’t that a funnel chart?)

I once did a funnel chart mistreatment bars rather than areas, then to create a state of affairs worst, I color coded bars supported survival rate then finally created a cross-sectional read for comparison. Chart as a result of tough to scan, color scarf plenty of attention from real data and that we finally removed that chart.
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4. How to Create a Funnel Chart in Tableau?

Step I: Drag stages to rows and applications to columns. From the marks shelf, choose chart sort space rather than automatic. additionally manually kind stages within the order they happen.

Tableau Funnel Chart

How to Create Funnel Chart in Tableau

After this stage you read ought to seem like this:

Tableau Funnel Chart

Step. 1 Create Funnel Chart in Tableau

Step II: Drag applications a new time on columns to make aspect by aspect 2 space charts.
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Step III: Next step is to reverse axis of the chart on the left. To reverse axis, right click on the axis and opt for choice ‘edit axis’ and check ‘reversed’ choice and click on OK.

Tableau Funnel Chart

Step. 3 Create Funnel Chart in Tableau

Step IV: Finally to scrub the chart, take away gridlines, hide axis header, column borders and change height and breadth. confirm to line transparency of color to 100% and there’s your funnel chart.

Tableau Funnel Chart

Step.4 To Create Tableau Funnel Chart

So, this was all about QlikView Funnel Chart. Hope you like our explanation.

5. Conclusion

Hence, in this tutorial, we learned about Tableau funnel chart, how to create Funnel Chart in Tableau, a stepwise procedure to create them. In conclusion, we get to know where to use Tableau Funnel Chart. Furthermore, If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment box.
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