Pivot in Tableau – How to Create Tableau Pivot

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1. Tableau Pivot – Objective

In our last tutorial, we study How to Create Hexabin Chart in Tableau. Here, in this article, we introduce Pivot in Tableau and uses of Tableau Pivot. It also demonstrates how to create a table calculation using the calculation editor. Moreover, we will discuss an example of Pivot in Tableau.

So, let’s start with Tableau Pivot

Pivot in Tableau

Pivot in Tableau – How to Create Tableau Pivot

2. Tableau Pivot

To explain pivot in tableau let’s take facilitate of associate degree example:
Suppose we’ve conducted a survey of the popularity/ preference of laundry machines and therefore the result’s the surpass.
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Pivot in Tableau

Example of Pivot in Tableau

So, currently, the necessity is that we would like to research the feedback of every washer on the idea of agree, disagree and neutral in Tableau.
Let’s connect Tableau to the surpass and move ahead with the visualization:

Pivot in Tableau

Connecting Tableau to the Surpass

The on top of visualization isn’t satisfying the necessity because the visualization is showing the entire variety of a specific combination ( i.e the highlighted Tableau visualization is showing that their area unit five records wherever we have a Neutral agree on feedback). This can be undoubtedly not what we would like.
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3. How to Create Pivot in Tableau?

These are the following steps to create Tableau Pivot:
Step -1
After you’ve got established you knowledge supply association and have got the preview of the data; click on Manage data pill to induce the below visualization:

Pivot in Tableau

Step. 1 Creating Pivot in Tableau

Pivot the table as below:

Pivot in Tableau

Step. 2 Creating Tableau Pivot

The pivot result are like this:

Pivot in Tableau

Step. 3 Creating Tableau Pivot

The original fields within the knowledge supply square measure replaced with new fields referred to as “Pivot field names” and “Pivot field values.” you’ll be able to invariably rename the new pivot fields.
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Finally, the Tableau visualisation which can state the individual feedback of the laundry Machines:

Pivot in Tableau

Step. 4 Creating Tableau Pivot

Few points to recollect whereas operating with Pivot:

4. Operating with Pivots in Tableau

  • Tableau Pivot possibility is offered from the grid and data grid.
  • All fields within the pivot should be from an identical association.
  • Only one pivot is allowed per knowledge supply.
  • Pivot fields are often used because the be a part of a key.
  • Tableau Pivot possibility can’t be utilized in calculated fields.

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This was all on Pivot in Tableau Tutorial. Hope you like our Explanation.

5. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we learned about What is Pivot in Tableau, how to create Tableau Pivot and working of Pivot in Tableau, thus completing another type of plotting. Furthermore, if you have any query, free feel to ask in a comment section.
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