23 IoT Project Ideas that you Should Start Working Right Now!

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As we all know, the internet is not limited to our desktops anymore. It is not even limited to our smartphones or laptop anymore either. In today’s date, every smart device is connected to the internet.

Devices like house alarms, fire alarms, home appliances, even our cars, and wristwatches are connected to it. This phenomenon of connectivity is called the internet of things.

Python is very handy for creating connectivity apps for these devices to allow them to connect to the internet and allow functions like remote controlling automatics updates, etc. If you are interested in building IoT apps and projects, here are a few IoT project ideas for you to try your hands on.


Do you often find yourself short of really cool project ideas to work upon? Okay, not anymore. Because we care for you and have compiled a list of over 500+ project ideas. Quickly bookmark this and dedicate all your time in implementing the projects & become industry-ready.

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IoT Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Led Blinking Project

Project Idea – The basic project for beginners is that they can play around with led lights with Python. We can automatically turn on and off a series of led lights for better visual effects.

2. Motor Speed Control

Project Idea – Another project for a beginner is that they can control the DC motor speed and direction using raspberry pi. You can control the speed of a fan according to the weather outside. This will also improve your knowledge of robotics.

3. Weather Reporting System using IoTIoT project ideas - weather reporting system

Project Idea – A weather reporting system is simple in which we use sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, and rain. They will display the measures in real-time. You can also remotely send this information anywhere.

4. IoT Based Liquid Level Monitoring Systemliquid level monitoring system IoT project

Project Idea – By monitoring the liquid level of a system you can have many applications like alerting when a liquid tank is full. We can build a smart system that can fill a tank with liquid without overflowing.

5. Led Light Lamp

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Project Idea – You can build your own IoT based light lamp. By using an app from your phone you can remotely control the light intensity and change the color to soothe your eyes. It should support multiple colors.

6. Soil Moisture Detectionsoil moisture detection IoT project

Project Idea – If you keep forgetting to water your plants then don’t worry you can automate the watering process with Python. Soil moisture sensors can be used to detect the moisture in the soil and you can then water the plants according to the soil moisture.

7. Fire Detection Systemfire detection system - IoT project ideas

Project Idea – Fire spreads at a quick rate and it is necessary to take action as soon as possible. You can build a fire detection system that will alert the owner of the building, home, etc and will also report directly to the fire department so that immediate actions can be taken.

Intermediate IoT Project Ideas

1. Remote Control Car

Project Idea – You can build your own remote-controlled car. The car can turn around, move forward and backward. You can remotely access the car and drive around through sensors and signals.

2. IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring SystemIoT project ideas - air pollution monitoring system

Project Idea – An air pollution monitoring system is a great project to help monitor the different particles present in air like led, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, etc that are responsible for air pollution. So you can monitor and store all the data on the web servers to check the pollution statistics remotely.

3. IoT Based Smart Mirrorsmart mirror - IoT project ideas

Project Idea – Raspberry pi can be used to make a smart mirror. This mirror not only shows your face but can also display real-time, weather, notes, etc. It uses a large display so you can use any old LCD or LED monitor tv and convert it into a smart mirror.

4. Server Room Temperature Monitoring System

Project Idea – Servers are continuously working day and night without any break. It is a great help to have a temperature monitoring system on the server so that we can remotely see the statistics of the server room.

5. Self-Balancing Robot

Project Idea – A self-balancing robot has gyroscopic sensors that are used to balance the robot that does not have the symmetry to stand upright. Many hoverboards are being built using these self-balancing techniques.

6. Automatic Drawing Machine

Project Idea – A nice IoT project is to build an automatic drawing machine in which, through the program, we control the arms of the machine containing a pen. By using a drawing algorithm it will draw the points on the canvas.

7. Smart Parking System using IoTIoT project ideas - smart parking system

Project Idea – It’s hard to find a parking space. A smart parking system is a solution to this problem. To build this we need to fit sensors at each parking space and they will communicate to the communication station that will display which parking space is empty.

8. Surveillance Camera using IoT

Project Idea – You can build your own surveillance cameras using raspberry pi and a camera. This can be used to monitor the baby or children’s room and you can also monitor the home from your smartphones with just a few taps. It is a lot cheaper than the market price of surveillance cameras.

9. Health Monitoring System using IoTIoT project - health monitoring system

Project Idea – The health monitoring system consists of several small sensors located around your body to continuously measure the statistics of the body by calculating ECG, EEG, blood pressure, temperature, etc. This information can be sent and stored on the cloud.

Advanced IoT Project Ideas

1. IoT Based Home Automation System

Project Idea – The home automation system is a big project. You can automate most of your home appliances like fans, lights, tv, door, music system, etc. You can send signals from your smartphone and control all the devices remotely.

2. A robot that can “see”

Project Idea – We can build a robot that can move and also detect the objects coming on its way by using deep learning object detection techniques. For this, we will need to install TensorFlow on a raspberry pi model which will take input from the camera and perform detection on the image.

3. Night Patrolling Robot

Project Idea – The night patrolling robot is an automated robot car that has a night vision camera and it contains sensors to detect noises. We can use the camera to detect any human faces and sounds to report back to the user.

As most of the theft cases occur at night, we can set a predefined path for the robot to cover all the angles of the neighbourhood.

4. Facial Recognition Door UnlockIoT project idea - face recognition door unlock

Project Idea – A good idea project is to make a door locking system that will only open when the authorized person tries to open the door. You need to implement a facial recognition system in Python and then if the person exists in the database then we give him entry inside the door.

5. IoT Smart City

Project Idea – The internet of things can be used to build a smart city in which all the places in a smart city are interconnected with each other with IoT components for efficient usage of resources.

It can have tracking abilities, capturing air pollution data, traffic management, and parking systems, smart waste system, automatic water supply in houses and gardens, etc. There is no limit to the things we can include in a smart city.

6. Automatic Coffee Maker

Project Idea – Connect the coffee maker with the internet by using raspberry pi and then you can remotely turn on the coffee maker anytime, set the time and also turn off the coffee maker. Then you will get your coffee ready when you reach home.

7. Raspberry pi Drone

Project Idea – Drones are useful in a lot of ways. They can carry small packages and be controlled from a long distance. Drones are used a lot in making cinematic videos and photography. Use your ideas to build a drone using raspberry pi and Python.


IoT basically refers to billions of physical devices that are connected to the internet in this whole world. It is effectively merging the digital and physical worlds.

In this article, we have provided you some interesting IoT project ideas which will help both beginners and experts in upgrading their knowledge and to gain real-time experience by working on these IoT project ideas.

I hope you find DataFlair’s IoT project ideas article helpful. If you want more such project ideas on any technology, do let us know in the comment section.

Happy Learning😃

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