Getting Started with R Programming

Check out these R tutorials and ease your way to become the next data scientist. Choose where to begin, learn at your own pace:

Practical Learning with R Projects

Strengthen your portfolio and get your dream Data Science job by implementing these real-world R projects. Display your true potential to recruiters and become the next data scientist.

R Project on Uber Data Analysis

R Project on Movie Reccomendation

R Project on Customer Segmentation

R Project on credit card fraud detection

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Crack Your Next R Interview

Want to make it through the next interview you will appear for? Hone your skills with our three-part series of R interview questions widely asked in the industry. With basic to advanced questions, this is a great way to expand your repertoire and boost your confidence.

R Interview Questions and Answers

R Interview Questions and Answers

R Interview Questions and Answers

Exploring the R Language

Let’s take a look at some facts about R programming and its philosophies.

What is R Programming?

R Programming language is used for performing statistical computing as well as graphical processing of data. It was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Various data scientists, statisticians and data analysts use the R programming language for analyzing data and carrying out statistical analysis using visualizations. With the help of R, you can perform data analysis on structured and unstructured data.

History of R Language

R first appeared in 1993 as an implementation of the S programming language. The term R comes from the fact that both of its creators’ names begin with the initial of R. Version 3.5.1 rolled out in July of 2018; we call it Feather Spray. This is a programming language and a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. You will often find statisticians and data miners using it to develop statistical software and for data analysis.

Apart from a command-line interface, some IDEs like the RStudio let us work with graphical front ends.

R Founder Ross Ihaka

Ross Ihaka

R Founder Robert Gentleman

Robert Gentleman