Tableau Charts – Tableau Motion Chart

1. Objective

In previous tableau charts tutorial, we had seen Tableau bar chart, tableau line chart, area chart in Tableau etc. In this tutorial, we are going to study about Tableau Motion chart, the various steps involved to create motion chart in Tableau with motion chart example.
So, let us start Tableau Motion Chart.

Tableau Motion Chart

Tableau Motion Chart

2. What is Tableau Motion Chart

In some types of data we need to see the growth and downfall so in that we type of data we needed motion chart.
In this recipe, we will create an animated chart that shows h the w population has changed over the years for a few selected countries.

Tableau Motion Chart

Tableau Motion Chart – Sample

3. How to Create Motion Chart in Tableau

i. From Dimensions, drag Year to the Columns
ii. From Measures, drag CO2 Emission to the Rows
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iii. Right-click on the CO2 Emission axis, and change the title to CO2 Emission (metric tons per capita).

Tableau Motion Chart

Tableau Motion Chart

iv. In the Marks card, click on the dropdown to change the mark from Automatic to Circle.
v. From Dimensions, drag Country Name to Color in the Marks
vi. From Dimensions, drag Country Name to the Filter
Let’s discuss how to create Tableau heat Map in detail
vii. Under the General tab of the Filter window, while the Select from list radio button is selected, select None.
viii. Select the Custom value list radio button, still under the General tab, and add China, Trinidad and Tobago, and United States.

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Tableau Motion Chart

Tableau Motion Chart

ix. Click OK when done. This should close the Filter
x. From Dimensions, drag Year to Pages. This adds a page control to the view.
xi. Click on the Show history checkbox to select it.
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xii. Click on the dropdown beside Show history and perform the following steps:

  • Select All for Marks to show history for
  • Select Both for Show
Tableau Motion Chart

Tableau Motion Chart

xiii. Using the Year page control, click on the forward arrow to play. This should show how the populations of the three selected countries have changed over the years.

4. Conclusion

In this Tableau tutorial, we studied about Tableau motion chart, steps involved to build Motion charts in Tableau. It will help us work and represent the data in the better way. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.
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