MongoDB Limit Records | MongoDB Skip() Method

1. Objective We have learned how to insert and query a document in a collection in MongoDB. In this MongoDB Tutorial, we are going to see the what is MongoDB limit and how to limit record in MongoDB. Moreover, we will MongoDB Skip() Method with example. At last, we discuss some MongoDB Limit examples. So, let’s start with MongoDB Limit Records. 2. MongoDBLimit Records When we query a collection, it shows all the documents contained in it. The limit cursor is used […]

MongoDB Limit

Cassandra Applications

Cassandra Applications | Why Cassandra Is So Popular?

1. Objective of Cassandra Applications By now you might get the idea, that Cassandra is very powerful and useful. In our previous article, we have studied Cassandra Features, in which we learnt 5 different features of Cassandra. In this article, we will go through some major Cassandra applications that make it so popular. Now, let’s explore the Cassandra Applications. 2. Cassandra Applications Cassandra has a vast area of application. It is used by various organization worldwide. Some of the Cassandra […]

5 Important Cassandra Features That You Must know

1. Overview In our last article, we have discussed the best books for Apache Cassandra. In this article, we will get to know about the 5 important Cassandra Features. Cassandra is taking over a lot of organizations. Moreover, it is becoming the most used NoSQL database. Therefore, there is a need to learn about the Features of Apache Cassandra as well.  Now, let’s discuss the features of Cassandra in detail. Let’s have a look at Cassandra. 2. Cassandra Features Here are […]

Cassandra Features

Pig Latin

What is Pig Latin and its Operators

1. Pig Latin Tutorial Apache Pig offers High-level language like Pig Latin to perform data analysis programs. So, in this Pig Latin tutorial, we will discuss the basics of Pig Latin. Such as Pig Latin statements, data types, general operators, and Pig Latin UDF in detail. Also, we will see its examples to understand it well. 2. What is Pig Latin? While we need to analyze data in Hadoop using Apache Pig, we use Pig Latin language. Basically, first, we […]

MongoDB Update Document – Insert & Query | MongoDB CRUD

1. Objective In our last MongoDB Tutorial, we studied MongoDB Projection. In this article, we will learn MongoDB CRUD, MongoDB Update Document, MongoDB Insert document, and MongoDB Query Document. We will learn some basic methods to Update Documents in MongoDB. In addition, we will also see some example for MongoDB Update Document. So, Let’s Study MongoDB Update Document. 2. MongoDB CRUD MongoDB CRUD is a short form of all this MongoDB operation: C – Create/Insert R – Read /Query U […]

MongoDB Update Document

Literals in Java

Literals in Java – Integral, Floating, Char, String, Boolean

1. Objective In this Java Literals tutorial, we are going to learn about literals in Java Programming Language. Moreover, we will discuss types of Java Literals: Integer, Floating-point, Char, String and Boolean Literals in Java with examples and many other things. So, let’s start with Literals in Java. 2. Literals in Java Java Literals are the constant values assigned to the variable. It is also called a constant. Java Literals Example – int x = 100; Here, 100 is literal. […]

Scala File i/o: Open, Read and Write a File in Scala

1. Scala File i/o In this tutorial Scala File io, we will learn how to Open, read and write files in Scala. I also recommend you to go through the Scala Syntax and Scala Functions Articles to clear your basics on Scala. 2. Opening and Writing to a File We don’t have a class to write a file, in the Scala standard library, so we borrow from Java. Or you could import and a. The Import C:\Users\lifei>cd […]

Big Data Job Updates Part-51

Big Data Job Updates Part-51

1. Objective What kind of career you are seeking, and what skills and experiences you have that make you ideal for that job, latest Big Data Job Updates Part-51, help you in applying for jobs to fulfill your dreams. So let’s check current jobs in Big Data industry. 1.1 Big Data Specialist – DevOn Technologies DevOn Technologies is looking for Big Data Specialist.Job details-familiar with Hadoop Ecosystem components and Hadoop Administrative Fundamentals, understanding of ETL methodologies in a multi-tiered stack, strong verbal […]

Apache Cassandra Books: Best Books To Learn Cassandra

1. Apache Cassandra Books In the previous article, we were introduced with Apache Cassandra. This article on “Apache Cassandra Books” will provide the list of Apache Cassandra books along with their description. These books will guide you through Apache Cassandra on various levels. Depending on the level, you can decide the book you need and gain more knowledge. We are sure these books will help you a lot. So, let’s explore Apache Cassandra Books. 2. Best Apache Cassandra Books Here […]

Cassandra Books

Apache Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Cassandra

1. Apache Cassandra Tutorial In this Apache Cassandra Tutorial, we will learn about what is Cassandra, what is NOSQL database and also a short introduction of Relational/SQL vs NOSQL database. We will also learn about different Apache Cassandra features, Cassandra History, Architecture of Cassandra. In addition, we are going to study Apache Cassnadra Applications and Cassandra Data Model. As the technology advances, the data has also expanded and grown exponentially. So, there is a need for a new database. After […]