Free Machine Learning Certification Course in Hindi [130+ Projects Included]

Free Machine Learning Certification Course in Hindi [130+ Projects Included]

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A perfect blend of in-depth Machine Learning knowledge and strong practical skills using Python ML libraries to become a Data Scientist. This free machine learning course provides the implementation of real-time machine learning projects to give you a headstart and enables you to bag top ML jobs.

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Why should you enroll in this Free Machine Learning Course?

  • 50+ real-time projects to gain hands-on experience
  • 370+ hrs of study material, practicals, interview guides
  • Practical course with real-world ML use-cases
  • Acquire practical knowledge which industry needs
  • Thoroughly curated ML course with hands-on
  • Lifetime access with industry renowned certificate
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What will you learn from this Free Machine Learning with Python Course?

  • Kickstart your career with a rock-strong ML foundation
  • Understand various types of Machine Learning models
  • Work on Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning
  • Develop standard industry use-cases and live projects
  • Understand data manipulation along with visualization
  • Identify the various problems related to building a Machine Learning model
  • Learn to develop efficient solutions using Python ML libraries
  • Work on linear as well as logistic regression
  • Learn how to use various calssification models
  • Learn about the impact of dimensions within data
  • Work on time series analysis to forecast dependent variables based on time
  • Understand how to develop enterprise ML projects

Machine Learning Course Objectives

The main goal of the machine learning course is to give students the information and abilities needed to comprehend and successfully use machine learning algorithms and techniques.

The training will increase understanding of machine learning’s ethical implications. Students will investigate the possibility for unfairness and bias in data and models. They will also go through the ethical ramifications of using machine learning systems in various situations and look into how to make sure the technology is used responsibly and ethically.

Both novices and people with some programming or data analysis knowledge can benefit from the machine learning course. From the fundamentals of data processing and statistics all the way up to more complex machine learning techniques, it also covers a wide range of subjects. The Machine Learning course’s professors are seasoned experts in the subject who use their knowledge in the topic to offer useful insights and pertinent examples that help explain the ideas.

Students will engage in practical projects and activities throughout this Machine Learning course that will give them experience using machine learning models and dealing with actual data. This Machine Learning course uses a step-by-step learning methodology to make sure that students have a strong foundation before moving on to more difficult subjects.

Finally, students will work independently or in groups on a sizable machine learning project to solidify their learning. Through this project, they will be able to use the information and abilities they have gained to address a critical issue. Additionally, it will encourage cooperation and collaboration, preparing students for the practical machine learning tasks they could experience in the future.

This Machine Learning course aims to provide students a thorough knowledge of machine learning principles and their practical applications through a blend of theoretical ideas and hands-on practical tasks. Students will be able to after finishing the course:

  • Recognise the underlying ideas and tenets of machine learning.
  • A variety of machine learning models and algorithms can be used to analyse and forecast data.
  • Use data preparation methods to get your data ready for jobs requiring machine learning.
  • Analyse and improve machine learning models for increased efficiency.
  • Examine cutting-edge subjects like deep learning and neural networks.
  • Utilise machine learning to address issues in a variety of fields.

Machine Learning Course Curriculum

This free machine learning course is carefully crafted and curated in an attempt to make Machine Learning easy and accessible for everyone. The machine learning course follows a well-laid track in order to help machine learning beginners as well as experts seek the answers to the queries that they are looking for.

Features of Machine Learning Course

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Machine Learning - A Soft Introduction
Data Analysis with Python Pandas
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Data Visualization with Matplotlib