Getting Started with AngularJS

Learn all about AngularJS and build awesome stuff.

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Test Your Skills

Think you have it in you? Test your skills with our series of AngularJS quizzes and measure yourself to your expectations. Improvise in the process with questions carefully curated for different levels of difficulty.

AngularJS Quiz
AngularJS Quiz
Exploring the Language

Let’s take a look at some facts about AngularJS and its ways.

It is an open-source front-end web framework based on JavaScript. Its primary purpose is to simplify the development and testing of single-page applications. What once began small in 2010, AngularJS is among the top 100 most starred projects on GitHub today. It is part of the MEAN stack and can be labelled MVW (Model-View-Whatever). It has the following design goals:

  • To decouple manipulation of DOM via application logic
  • To decouple an application’s client side from its server side
  • To provide structure to the process of building an application
Misko Hevery - AngularJS

Misko Hevery

Adam Abrons - AngularJS

Adam Abrons