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Crack Your Next Interview

Want to make it through the next interview you will appear for? Hone your skills with our three-part series of interview questions widely asked in the industry. With basic to advanced questions, this is a great way to expand your repertoire and boost your confidence.

SAS Interview Questions
SAS Interview Questions
SAS Interview Questions
Test Your Skills

Think you have it in you? Test your skills with our series of SAS quizzes and measure yourself to your expectations. Improvise in the process with questions carefully curated for different levels of difficulty.

SAS Quiz
SAS Quiz


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Exploring the Software

Let’s take a look at some facts about SAS and its philosophies.

SAS, earlier known as Statistical Analysis System, is a software suite by SAS Institute for tasks like advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. When North Carolina State University re-hired Anthony Barr, the development of SAS took off in 1966 to allow his analysis of variance and regression software to run on IBM System/360 computers. Later, James Goodnight joined him. National Institute of Health funded this project hoping to better analyze agricultural data to improve crop yields.

Today, SAS can mine, alter, manage, and retrieve data from multiple sources and perform statistical analysis on it.

SAS Founder Anthony Barr

Anthony Barr

SAS Founder James Goodnight

James Goodnight