Tableau Scatter Plot – Steps to Build Scatter Plot in Tableau

1. Objective

In this Tableau tutorial, we are going to learn about Tableau Scatter Plot, how to create Scatter Plot in tableau and How it is useful to us in Tableau.
So, let us start.

Introduction - Tableau Scatter Plot

Introduction – Tableau Scatter Plot

2. Tableau Scatter Plot

A scatter plot in Tableau is technically a collection of scattered points. Tableau Scatter plots require measures (numeric values) on both the vertical and horizontal axes. Scatter plots allow us to see the relationship between two variables and are great for visualizing clusters, showing possible correlations, and spotting outliers.
Let’s revise Tableau Show me menu & Tableau Data Extract in detail
In this recipe, we will use a data source that compiled the highest-paid players in 2014. We will create a Tableau scatter plot to see whether there is a general correlation between the earnings of a top player and the value of their endorsement deals.

3. How to Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

i. From Measures, drag Salary/Winnings $ to Columns.
ii. From Measures, drag Endorsements $ to Rows.
iii. Change Mark to Circle.

Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

Step 3. Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

iv. From Dimensions, drag Sport to Color in the Marks
v. From Dimensions, drag Athlete to Label in the Marks
Let’s look at Tableau field Operations & Tableau data Blending in detail.
vi. Change the default number format of Endorsements $. You can do this by right-clicking the Endorsements $ field in the Measures section of the sidebar, selecting Default properties and then Number Format…. In the window that shows up, set the following:

  • Currency (Custom)
  • Decimal places: 0
  • Prefix $
  • Suffix M
Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

Step 6. Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

vii. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the color legend and choose Edit colors….
viii. Choose the Superficial Stone palette and click on Assign Palette. Click on OK when done.
Follow this link to know about Tableau Save, Reorder and Delete Worksheet in detail.
ix. Right-click on the Sport pill in the Marks card, and select Show highlighter. This will show the data highlighter control, a new feature in Tableau 10 that allows you to search and highlight all points on hover.

Create Plot in Tableau

step 9. Create Plot in Tableau

x. Right-click on an empty area in your chart and select Annotate, and the Area.
xi. Add the following text to your area annotation:

Create Plot in Tableau

Step 11. Create Plot in Tableau

xii. Test the data highlighter. Cover each of the options and notice that as you hover over a sports name, only the players (represented by circles) who belong to that sport are highlighted. Note that in this data set, it seems only soccer has a positive correlation between Salary/Winnings $ and Endorsements $.

Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

Step 11. Create Scatter Plot in Tableau

4. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we studied the Tableau scatter plot, create Scatter Plot in Tableau and how to use it. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.
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