Free Big Data Hadoop Course – Learn Hadoop with Real-time Projects

Free Big Data Hadoop Course – Learn Hadoop with Real-time Projects

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A perfect blend of in-depth Hadoop theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills via implementation of real-time Hadoop projects to give you a headstart and enable you to bag top Hadoop jobs in the Big Data industry.
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What will you take home from this Free Big Data Hadoop Course?

  • 40+ hrs of self-paced course
  • 170+ hrs of study material, practicals, quizzes
  • Acquire practical knowledge which industry needs
  • Practical course with real-time case-studies
  • Lifetime access with industry renowned certification
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Why should you enroll in this Free Big Data Hadoop Course?

  • Shape your career as Big Data shapes the IT World
  • Grasp concepts of HDFS and MapReduce
  • Become adept in the latest version of Apache Hadoop
  • Develop a complex game-changing MapReduce application
  • Perform data analysis using Pig and Hive
  • Play with the NoSQL database Apache HBase
  • Acquire an understanding of the ZooKeeper service
  • Load data using Apache Sqoop and Flume
  • Enforce best practices for Hadoop development and deployment
  • Master handling of large datasets using the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Work on live Big Data projects for hands-on experience
  • Comprehend other Big Data technologies like Apache Spark

Big Data Hadoop Course Objectives

A big data hadoop course is a thorough, in-depth curriculum developed to provide students the knowledge and abilities required to work with huge, complicated information. The principles of Big Data, data management and storage, data processing and analysis, and data visualisation are just a few of the subjects that are commonly covered in the course. Participants acquire practical experience with well-known Big Data technologies and tools while learning how to manage the three Vs of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

Students that enrol in a Big Data course learn about distributed computing and parallel processing concepts and the significance of scalability when working with large datasets. They get skilled at creating and putting into practise distributed data processing workflows as they investigate various data processing frameworks like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. This Big Data Hadoop course also places a strong emphasis on data analysis methods like data mining and machine learning that allow students to draw out important patterns and insights from huge datasets.

As it is essential for successful decision-making, participants are also exposed to data visualisation techniques and storytelling with data. Complex findings must be presented in a way that is both clear and intelligible. This Big Data Hadoop course frequently includes practical exercises, real-world projects, and case studies so that students may use their knowledge to address real-world Big Data difficulties and get practical experience. For those looking to leverage the power of data and make data-driven decisions in their professional lives, a Big Data course generally offers a strong foundation.

You will get knowledge on how to efficiently handle and store enormous volumes of data produced in a variety of forms. To manage the speed, volume, and diversity of Big Data, the course covers distributed file systems, NoSQL databases, and data warehousing strategies.

Data processing and analysis are the primary focus of this Big Data Hadoop course, which aims to provide students with the methods and tools required to handle and examine huge datasets. Participants will acquire hands-on experience putting distributed data processing processes into practise using frameworks like Hadoop and Spark.

  • Understand Big Data’s characteristics, difficulties, and effects on many sectors.
  • Investigate several Big Data technologies, such as NoSQL databases, Hadoop, and Spark.
  • Learn how to acquire and combine data from various sources by using data intake strategies.
  • Learn more about preparing, cleaning, and transforming data for analysis.
  • For scalability, be aware of the fundamentals of distributed computing and parallel processing.
  • Utilise machine learning and data mining tools to glean insights from big data.
  • Develop the ability to effectively visualise and communicate complicated outcomes to stakeholders.

Hadoop Training Course Curriculum

Features of Big Data Hadoop Online Course

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