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Practical Learning with Data Science Projects

Strengthen your portfolio and get your dream Data Science job by implementing these real-world Data Science projects. Display your true potential to recruiters and become the next data scientist.

R Project on Uber Data Analysis

R Project on Movie Reccomendation

R Project on Customer Segmentation

R Project on credit card fraud detection

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R Quiz

SAS Quiz

R Quiz

SAS Quiz

Exploring the Data Science Language

Let’s take a look at some facts about Data Science and its philosophies.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an advanced field that makes use of scientific methods, for solving problems by extracting knowledge and insights from structured as well as unstructured data. Data Science consists of a pool of operations that encompasses data mining, big data to utilize a powerful hardware, programming system and efficient algorithms to solve problems.
Today, Data Science puts to use scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems hoping to extract knowledge and insights from data in forms structured and unstructured.

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William S. Cleveland