Tableau Bump Chart – How to Build Bump Chart

1. Objective

In our previous article we saw Tableau LOD, in this Tableau tutorial, we are going to study about Tableau Bump Chart, what is a bump chart with bump chart definition, a stepwise procedure to create bump chart in tableau.
So, let us start with Tableau Bump Chart.

Tableau Bump Chart - Create Bump Chart

Tableau Bump Chart – How to Create Bump Chart in Tableau

2. What is Tableau Bump Chart?

Tableau Bump Chart is utilized to look at two measurements against each other utilizing one of the Measure esteem. They are exceptionally helpful for investigating the adjustments in a rank of an incentive over a period measurement or place measurement or some other measurement pertinent to the examination.

The Tableau Bump Chart takes two measurements with at least zero measures.
Utilizing the Sample-superstore, plan to discover the variety of ship method of items with the variety of the Sub-Category.
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3. How to Create Bump Chart in Tableau?

Following steps are used to make Tableau Bump Chart.

i. Drag and drop the dimension Sub-Category to the Columns shelf. additionally, drag the dimension Ship mode to the color shelf below Marks card. Leave the chart kind to Automatic. the subsequent chart seems.

Create Bump Chart in Tableau

Step 1. Create Bump Chart in Tableau

ii. Next, produce a calculated field known as Rank. attend Analysis → produce Calculated Field. Use Rank because of the field name and write the expression index () within the calculation space. its associate degree intrinsical perform that makes associate degree index for the present row within the partition. Click OK and also the new field is visible in the measures section. Right-click on the sphere Rank and convert it to distinct.

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iii. Drag Rank to the Rows shelf. the subsequent chart seems that shows the dimension Sub-Category with every ship mode organized in associate degree increasing order of their Rank price.

Create Bump Chart in Tableau

Step 3. Create Bump Chart in Tableau

iv. Apply some additional calculation to the rank field exploitation the live Profit. Rightclick on Rank and opt for Edit Table calculation. opt for the sorting by the sphere profit exploitation partition by Sub-Category and addressed by ship mode. the subsequent screenshot shows the calculations applied.

Create Bump Chart in Tableau

Step 4. Create Bump Chart in Tableau

By completing the above steps we have

Tableau Bump Chart

Tableau Bump Chart

So, this was all about Tableau Bump Chart. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

In his tutorial we learned about the Tableau bump chart table, how to build bump charts in tableau and use them, thus completing another table on our list. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.

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