Online Tableau Practice Test – Latest Questions

It’s time to face more tricky questions and evaluate your knowledge. So we come up with an interesting Tableau Practice Test.

So, let’s start the quiz.

Do not forget to attempt the other part of the Tableau quiz once you complete this quiz.

Please download the dataset: Coffee Chain DataSet

Hope, you enjoyed solving this Tableau Practice Test.

Do share your feedback and score in the comments section.

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13 Responses

  1. Bhattu Kishan says:

    good can you provide more like this

    • DataFlair Team says:

      We have more quizzes related to Tableau based on other BI technologies like Power BI, QlikView, and QlikSense. You can check them in our blog home and test your business intelligence knowledge.

  2. Jun says:

    Thank you very much for this! But I’m having trouble locating the Espress Dataset, would you please provide a link?

  3. atul says:

    where is Espresso Chain dataset??


    Where is th dataset?

  5. Aditi Vaid says:

    i can see the queries being raised asking for the dataset however, there is no response. how will we solve the questionnaire without data??

  6. Ann says:

    Can you please upload the Example Espresso Chain?

  7. Nappy Mcnap says:

    data! data! data! I cant make a house without bricks; he yelled and went back to nap.

  8. Naim Shaikh says:

    provided data set doesn’t relevant data

  9. Pankaj Singh says:

    Hi team,

    i need a solution for the quiz part 2

  10. Krrish Chheda says:

    solution for quiz part 2

  11. Swagat Subhadarshan says:

    For 1st question I found profit for New Hampshire is -375 for Expresso & for Connecticut 676. So I guess correct answer should be New hampshire. Could you please help me to find the correct one & how.

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