QlikView Vs Tableau (Infographic)- 16 Factors to Choose the Best BI Tool

In our last tutorial, we studied QlikView vs Power BI. Today, we will discuss QlikView Vs Tableau. Here, we will explore the difference between QlikView and Tableau on the basis of cost, ETL support,  speed, performance management etc. Along with this, we will see the major similarities between QlikView and Tableau. At the end, we will discuss the difference between Qlikview and tableau with infographic.

So, let’s start the QlikView Vs Tableau Tutorial.

Qlikview Vs Tableau | Difference between Qlikview and Tableau

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QlikView Vs Tableau

QlikView software is created by Qlik in 1993 and is known to be amongst the first few BI tools. On the other hand, Tableau came much later in 2003.

Here, these BI tools (QlikView Vs Tableau) will only compare on the basis of their features.

Do you know the features of QlikView?

1. Definition

  • QlikView

QlikView is an integrated BI software that encompasses all the functionalities basic to Business Intelligence.

  • Tableau

Tableau focuses mainly on data visualization and analysis.

2. Support for Data Sources

  • QlikView

QlikView offers a wide range of data sources.

  • Tableau

Tableau supports fewer data sources (from where data can be retrieved for analysis) than QlikView.

3. Complexity

  • QlikView

QlikView gets pretty complex and difficult on the back-end and IT professionals are needed to fix such problems.

  • Tableau

While Tableau is comparatively easy.

4. Storage Application

  • QlikView

QlikView lacksData Warehousing or storage application facilities.

  • Tableau

Tableau offers a Data Warehousing or storage application.

5. Support for Data Mining and Analytics

  • QlikView

It offers Data mining and analytics.

  • Tableau

Tableau does not provide data mining and analytics facilities.

6. ETL Support

  • QlikView

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is supported by QlikView.

  • Tableau

ETL process in Tableau is tedious.

7. OLAP Support

  • QlikView

QlikView does not offer OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) analysis.

  • Tableau

While Tableau offers OLAP.

8. Performance Management

  • QlikView

Performance Management is offered by QlikView.

  • Tableau

It doesn’t offer by Tableau.

Follow this link to know about Pros and cons of QlikView

9. Enterprise Support

  • QlikView

QlikView is made for the functioning of a large enterprise.

  • Tableau

Tableau is well suited for medium or small ones.

10. Cost

  • QlikView

QlikView requires costly hardware for some functions like making printable reports.

  • Tableau

Tableau is cheaper than QlikView.

11. Partner Network

  • QlikView

QlikView has a larger partner network.

  • Tableau

Tableau has not much larger partner network.

12. Supported Interface

  • QlikView

QlikView supports the Multi-Document interface.

  • Tableau

Tableau doesn’t support Multi-document Interface.

13. Offline view support

  • QlikView

QlikView offers offline view support in the premium version.

  • Tableau

Tableau offers an offline viewer option in its free version.

Let’s explore the use cases of Tableau

14. Data Interactivity & Integration

  • QlikView

In terms of data interactivity and visualization, QlikView is better.

  • Tableau

Tableau has a better data integration feature than QlikView.

15. Speed

  • QlikView

QlikView runs faster on a 64-bit in-memory database than Tableau.

  • Tableau

Tableau is not as faster than QlikView.

16. GIS support

  • QlikView

QlikView doesn’t support mapping features as it supports GIS.

  • Tableau

Tableau provides better mapping features as it supports GIS.

Similarities Between QlikView and Tableau

  • Both the tools have their unique query and report writer.
  • Operating System supported by both is Apple and Windows.
  • Both the software can be deployed on PC, cloud and mobile devices.

Let’s revise Top Business Intelligence Tools with Features

Which is Better BI Tool: QlikView vs Tableau?

Although both the tools are sufficient in their own ways, QlikView is a more wholesome tool than Tableau. Declaring a clear winner is susceptible to argument. Because, despite better ratings for QlikView, Tableau is good in its own ways. Which tool is best depends more or less on the purpose of the user.

If the user is looking for a tool which has many functionalities then QlikView is the best choice. It also enables analysis of huge datasets and has a multifaceted software. While on the other hand, if a user is looking for just a simple visualization tool then Tableau is the answer. Tableau provides very easy to use tools with drag and drop options. Tableau has better and more impressive data visualization capabilities than QlikView.

Difference Between QlikView and Tableau – Infographic

QlikView Vs Tableau Infographic

So, this was all about the QlikView vs Tableau Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation


Hence, in this QlikView Vs Tableau tutorial, we conclude that the winner is the user, according to the demand of user technology will choose. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions, please share with us!

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  1. Victor Bertoldo says:

    Hi there! I think that comparison was tendencious at lest. Compare Tableu and Qlikview is like to compare bananas and apples. A more fair comparison would by like Tableau and Qlik Sense, because Qview has another purpose.

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