QlikView MCQ – Practice Your Knowledge (Tips and Tricks)

1. QlikView MCQ

Hope, you like our previous two Online QlikView Quiz Part – 1 and Part – 2. Here, in this QlikView MCQ, we will cover all the expected QlikView Interview Questions.

Take this QlikView MCQ and give yourself an opportunity to test your capabilities.

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QlikView MCQ - Practice Your Knowledge (Tips and Tricks)

QlikView MCQ – Practice Your Knowledge (Tips and Tricks)

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Q.1. Which of the following option you will NOT get in the Bookmarks menu?
Q.2. From which one of these menus will you get an option for Alerts?
Q.3. Which one of these options are not found in the Tools menu?
Q.4. What does Direct Discovery allow?
Q.5. What does AJAX stand for?
Q.6. Which color is associated with locking of a field value?
Q.7. The Page Up key moves the selection in a data field
Q.8. What is considered to be the optimal data structure?
Q.9. Which of these statements are true for the rule of data loading?
Tables loaded using LOAD or SELECT or a mix of both doesn’t pose a difference on the table being loaded.
The order of fields does not have be set in a certain way.
Field names are case-sensitive
d. All of the above
Q.10. Which file format is used is for defining and containing geographical data?
Q.11. Which of the following is associated with OLE DB?
Linking the object with the data source
Application Programming Interface (API)
Embedding the source data into the object
d.All of the above
Q.12. The ODBC acts as a middle layer between the application and the data source.
Q.13. Which one of the following is the correct expression for dollar-sign expansion for a variable X?
Q.14. According to the Kleenean logic, what would be the result of the product MAYBE*FALSE?
Q.15. Which data files are best to use for incremental load?
Q.16. The are the associations that are present between the values within a field or between fields.
Q.17. Why is there no data type in QlikView?
Q.18. Which one of the following is NOT a statistical test in QlikView?
Q.19. Which chart in QlikView resembles the whiskers chart?
Q.20. What is the scenario called when three or more tables are associated with each other through two or more paths or links?
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