QlikView Pricing and Licensing – 3 Additional Services Offered By QlikView

So, after learning a lot in QlikView, today we are discussing a new topic that is QlikView Pricing and Licensing.

Here, we will try to provide you with the latest information on QlikView pricing models for personal and enterprise versions as well as all kinds of services they offer.

QlikView Pricing and Licensing

Qlik has selected certain pricing models for its top BI tools such as QlikView and Qlik Sense. As we know, both Qlik Sense and QlikView are efficient business analysis and data visualization tools.

Thus, it is only obvious for people to be curious about the tools and inquire about their pricing. However, the information provided in this post is limited to QlikView.

Usually, for any software, there can be one of the three existing pricing models –

  1. Subscription based (providing SaaS)
  2. Perpetual license, and
  3. Commercial open source.

Qlik usually uses the subscription or user-based licensing options where the license to use the software and the prices are charged on a per-user basis or a subscription (monthly) basis.

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QlikView Editions

QlikView offers the options of two editions that you can choose from.

1. QlikView Personal Edition

The personal edition package includes nearly full data access, manipulation, and app development capabilities as in the enterprise version. However, it is a must for you to be an authorized user.

This QlikView edition comes for free with unlimited time validity. It is aimed at individual use on a personal computer.

2. QlikView Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition package comes with a full set of functionalities and capabilities for data manipulation, accessing, management and app development.

As far as pricing of this edition is concerned. Qlik does not quote a general per-user price for this service publicly.

Rather it asks your enterprise to contact their sales and support team with the specific information about your organization and it’s needed. Qlik responds with suitable price quotes based on your needs.

Additional Services Offered by QlikView

QlikView offers three add-on services in addition to its main solutions and editions.

1. QlikView Publisher

It is a data reload, distribution and management service in QlikView. The license for QlikView Publisher is priced on a per-server basis.

2. Extranet server

This QlikView service allows external use of apps via third-party portal solutions or the web. The price for an extranet server license is determined based on a combination of two models i.e. the server and client access license (CAL) models.

3. Information Access Server

This service more or less offers the same external use abilities as the extranet server. The pricing of this QlikView service is also based on a combination of the two pricing models (server and CAL).

QlikView Pricing Pattern

A tentative pricing quote for different QlikView services. These prices are subject to change.

1. QlikView Client License Pricing

  • Personal Edition (individual use only) – Free
  • Named User License – $1,395 per named user
  • Document License – $360 per named user, per document
  • Concurrent License – $15,495 per concurrent user

2. QlikView Server License Pricing

  • Enterprise Edition Server – $36,150 per server
  • Small Business Edition Server (up to 25 named users) – $8,675 per server
  • Test Servers – 50% of the server license price
  • QlikView Publisher 4 – $21,700 per server
  • PDF Report Distribution Service – $21,700 per server
  • The Connector to SAP NetWeaver® – $22,500 per server
  • Connector to Salesforce.com – Free
  • Connector to Informatica – Free

3. QlikView Extranet Solutions

  • Extranet Server – $18,600 per server
  • Extranet Server Concurrent License  – $3,100

4. Other Products

  • Information Access Server  (Unlimited public access to one QlikView document) – $72,300
  • QlikView Workbench 5 – $4,350 per server
  • Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint – $4,350 per server


We hope the information provided by us on QlikView pricing and licensing proved to be helpful for you. However, Qlik does not reveal a general and current price of its software services. The average QlikView pricing ranges from $1350 to $1500.

In case of any query or suggestion, feel free to contact us.

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