8 Best QlikView Books for Beginners to Developers

In our last QlikView tutorial, we studied QlikView Features. Now, we are going to explore different QlikView Books. These QlikView Books help beginners build experience and get closer to mastering QlikView.

So, let’s start exploring good QlikView Books.

8 Best QlikView Books for Beginner to Developers

8 Best QlikView Books for Beginner to Developers

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1. Top QlikView Books

Learning QlikView thoroughly is quite a journey. We are here to learn QlikView software. A pure technological boon is that nowadays, there are many unconventional sources to learn other than books like web-tutorials, video lessons. In fact, this tutorial “Best QlikView Books ” is also one of them. On one hand, such technologically supported learning provides practical knowledge.

Listed below are the most popular books on QlikView.

a. Mastering QlikView

Author: Stephen Redmond

Mastering QlikView

Contents covered in book:

  • Performance tuning and scalability.
  • QlikView data modelling.
  • Best practices for loading data.
  • Data governance.
  • Advanced expressions.
  • Advanced scripting.
  • Visualizing data.

This book will help you learn data modelling techniques, ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) techniques using QlikView scripts and graphics tools. You will also learn how to deploy the governance dashboard to load multiple data sources and centralize the information. It also contains lessons on data visualization tools.

b. QlikView Essentials

Author: Chandraish Sinha

QlikView Essentials

Contents covered in book:

  • QlikView fundamentals.
  • Extract, transform and load.
  • Optimizing your data model.
  • Data modelling challenges.
  • Creating dashboards.
  • Comparative analysis.
  • Securing your application.
  • Application deployment.

This book covers all the essential aspects of learning QlikView. It gives a broader picture and explains the entire QlikView workflow.

c. QlikView 11 for Developers

Author: Miguel García, Barry Harmsen

QlikView11 for Developers

Contents covered in book:

  • Meet QlikView.
  • Seeing is believing.
  • Data sources.
  • Data modelling.
  • Styling up.
  • Building dashboards.
  • Scripting.
  • Data modelling best practices.
  • Basic data transformation.
  • Advanced expressions.
  • Set analysis and point in time reporting.
  • Advanced data transformation.
  • More on visual design and user experience.
  • Security.

This book is a very useful guide for developers who want to build BI applications using QlikView. It explains the concept using a practical case study of HighCloud Airlines. It helps you learn app development step-by-step. All the data used as a learning reference here is real data taken from the Bureau of Transportations, US. It covers all the information about domestic and international flight operations. The QlikView application you will learn to develop will help the Airline company take decisions about how lucrative it is to enter the American market and if yes, what is the right sector to invest.

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d. QlikView Scripting

Author: Matt Floyd

QlikView Scripting

Contents covered in book:

  • Connecting to odbc/ole db data sources.
  • Creating the script.
  • Data transformations in flat files.
  • Script features and functions.
  • Basic data model and table viewer.
  • Advanced scripting and data model optimization.
  • QlikView data files.
  • Debugging.
  • Layout tips for developers.

Follow this link to know about QlikView Scripting

It teaches QlikView scripting at a practitioner or intermediate level. This book covers right from fundamental topics like connecting to data sources, scripting, dashboard creation and basic data models to advanced lessons on QlikView scripting techniques. It helps new developers by providing QlikView layout tips. It also shows how to create and manage data files.

e. Creating Stunning Dashboards with QlikView

Author: Julián Villafuerte

Creating Stunning Dashboards with QlikView

Contents covered in book:

  •  Know your battlefield, devise your strategy
  •  All about dashboard design best practices
  •  First things first – the dashboard structure
  •  It’s not only about charts
  •  Handling “the classics”
  •  Creating complex visualizations
  •  Enhance your QlikView experience
  •  Before you go

This book offers lessons for dashboard creation. It starts by unveiling the basic features of the dashboards. The approach taught here is that before creating a dashboard, the developer must know the requirements and specificities of the enterprise and business they are in, what are important KPIs etc. It helps in learning data visualization, creating a navigation schema and a lot more to make an effective dashboard that reveals the story the data is trying to tell.

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f. QlikView Server and Publisher

Author: Stephen Redmond

QlikView Server and Publisher

Contents covered in book:

  •  Getting started with QlikView server.
  •  Standard installation process.
  •  Exploring the QlikView management console in detail.
  •  Managing and securing QlikView documents.
  •  Installing the QlikView server enterprise.
  •  Configuring the QlikView publisher.
  •  Alternative authentication and authorization methods.
  •  Monitoring and troubleshooting QlikView server.

In this book, you will learn about servers and publishers. The two important components of QlikView’s architecture. The QlikView server helps in nesting all the different servers to balance the data load. Whereas the Publisher ensures that the correct data is being sent to the rightful user. It more or less acts as a managing element between different architectural components of QlikView. This book teaches ways to share and manage data using QlikView publisher.

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It starts by showing how to deploy QlikView Server on one box and then proceeds with multiple server deployments. It explains with many illustrated examples and actual screenshots. By the end of this book, you will be able to manage both the QlikView Server and Publisher according to the needs and environment.

g. QlikView for Finance

Author: B. Diane Blackwood

QlikView for Finance

Contents covered in book:

  • Getting that financial data into QlikView.
  • QlikView dashboard financial KPIs.
  • KPIs in the financial officer QlikView dashboard.
  • The QlikView asset management with multiple data sources.
  • QlikView sales analysis.
  • QlikView forecasting and trends.
  • The  Qlikview inventory analysis.
  • QlikView order details dashboard.
  • QlikView expenses dashboard.
  • Sharing your QlikView insights.

This book is based around using QlikView for financial analysis. It starts by explaining the importance of QlikView Finance in today’s time. It tries to clear all the concepts related to financial data analysis and finance. The book provides real-life examples to explain financial planning, analysis, risk and expense management etc. The path followed by the book is that it first explains all about inventory, supply chain then how to deal with analytical reports and draw useful insights. Then it focuses on insight sharing and lastly, on using QlikView applications for finance.

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h. QlikView Unlocked

Author: Roger Stone, Andrew Dove

QlikView Unlocked

Contents covered in book:

  • Behind every successful project is a plan.
  • Building the correct environment.
  • Are you sitting comfortably? Be more productive.
  • It’s all about understanding the data.
  • The right data model pays dividends.
  • Make it easy on yourself – some QlikView tips and tricks.
  • Improving chart performance and usability.
  • For deployment and beyond.

This book is all about sharing quick tips and tricks on efficient use of QlikView software. The people behind this book claim this to be a great source for unleashing the ultimate potential of QlikView. It encompasses lessons on all the main functionalities a BI tool should provide and how QlikView has it all. This book will give you many short ways called ‘keys’ in order to have a hassle-free experience working in QlikView. It has many tips for speeding up the development processes and monitoring in the software.

So, this was all about QlikView Books. Hope you like our explanation.

2. Summary

Hence, we studied all the important QlikView books in order to learn it. The best thing about these QlikView books is that these are dedicated books on the important aspects of QlikView like a dashboard, scripts, servers etc. You will get a very comprehensive understanding of the QlikView tool after studying from these books, as we all know, Books are the Best Source to Gain Intensive, Comprehensive & Theoretical Knowledge. Furthermore, drop your queries and suggestions in the comments below.

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