QlikView Developer Job Roles – Technical Skills & Requirements for 2019

In this article, we are going to discuss the crucial roles and responsibilities of a QlikView developer.

QlikView development has become a much sought-after career choice in recent times. So, we believe a lot of you are here in your quest to know more about getting trained and becoming a QlikView developer.

Stay with us, as we discuss the roles, responsibilities and technical skills you need to have in order to become a QlikView developer.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a QlikView Developer?

QlikView developers are broadly classified into two categories.

The first type of QlikView developer is the ones who come from technical database-oriented streams such as a database developer, excel developer, data analyst, test analyst, web developer, traditional BI/ETL developer etc.

This gives professionals trying QlikView developing for the first time will get a grip on it easily as they have experience in data handling and analytical thinking.

But, on the contrary, they might need to be flexible in their ways as developing in QlikView does not involve traditional methods.

The second type of QlikView developers is those who come from a non-IT background and start with QlikView. If they undergo proper training and give it some time, QlikView becomes a homely tool to work on.

The main roles and responsibilities of a well-trained QlikView developer are enlisted below.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Data source preparation and connection
  • Designing the data model
  • Designing the UI (Dashboard)
  • Creating BI reports
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) / System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Deployment
  • Production support
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation (Design Document, Test Case Document, Deployment Document and Distribution Document)
  • Environment maintenance

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Basic Requirements for QlikView Developer

  • Coding Skills
  • Understanding Data
  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Experience
  • Practising the Best Practices
  • Inter-personal and Communication Skills
 QlikView Developer Basic requirements

Basic Requirements for QlikView Developer

i. Coding skills

This is the most basic requirement for you to start with developing and be proficient in it.

You should be good at working with different languages such as SQL. Along with it, you should be able to work with script expressions, set analysis, visual basic etc.

ii. Understanding data

You must be good at perceiving and reading the given data correctly, because it is only then, that you can apply correct operations and visualizations on data. Otherwise, it will distort the logic of your application or report.

iii. Understanding business requirements

It is much appreciated for a QlikView developer to have a good understanding of business processes and working.

Because of it, they can create applications and design visualizations knowing exactly what the client needs as they can understand the process flow and business logic very well.

iv. Experience

Being experienced in data modeling, data analysis, data warehousing, reporting etc., can prove to be immensely helpful. Along, with this, having hands-on experience in Java and related technologies is also beneficial.

v. Practicing the best practices

A developer must always keep in mind and imply some best practices while working such as data model designing principles, interface designing rules and coding standards.

vi. Inter personal and communication skills

Although it sounds obvious but having good inter personal and communication skills can take you a long way in this career path.

A QlikView developer must be in sync with all the other departments, representatives and clients so that a wholesome approach to developing the perfect QlikView application can be taken.

What are the Technical Skills needed to be a QlikView Developer?

Given below are some technical skills that you might want to know in detail about if you are giving being a QlikView developer a serious thought.

  • Understanding Business Data
  • SQL/Data Modeling
  • QlikView Expression Language
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development

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QlikView Developer Technical Skills

Technical Skills for QlikView Developer

i. Understanding business data

A good understanding of the business data rules is crucial to performing correct operations on data such as calculating KPIs and measures and making an application logically.

ii. SQL/Data Modeling

The new and traditional data modeling concepts are somewhat similar in their basics. So, if you are good with traditional data modeling techniques, then being a QlikView developer is not a challenge for you.

iii. QlikView Expression Language

It is said that on an average, a QlikView developer spends 25% of their work and time on working with the QlikView expressions. So, this naturally makes it an important skill to be count on.

If you are well versed with Excel and Visual Basic expressions, you will not have trouble in gaining command over QlikView expression language.

iv. UI/UX Design

As QlikView is a business intelligence tool which focuses on being a visual analytic tool, being a good user-interface designer along with a developer is a big-time win-win situation.

If you have a good application designing sense, then you will be able to utilize data into suitable visualizations so that users understand the story and insight the data is trying to reveal.

This might sound easy, but it is a skill which doesn’t come naturally to many, but if mastered can help you greatly.

v. Web Development

Having a sound understanding of the web development cycle and the web architecture can prove to be of great use in the times to come as QlikView’s new technology. Next will be based on HTML5 and JavaScript.


Hence, we hope with the information we tried to provide here, helped you in clearing some water around your thoughts on taking up QlikView developing as a career choice.

With this, you can check where you stand currently and how much is there to learn in order to kick start QlikView application development.

In the coming articles, we will discuss about the trainings and courses you can take to learn QlikView skills. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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