QlikView Silent Installation – How to Run, Features & Setting

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1. Objective

After reading QlikView Use Cases, let’s move towards a new beginning called QlikView Silent Installation Package. Here, we will discuss how can we run Silent Installation Packages in QlikView with its features and settings.

So, let’s start the QlikView Silent Installation Package.

QlikView Silent Installation - How to Run, Features & Setting

QlikView Silent Installation – How to Run, Features & Setting

2. What is QlikView Silent Installation?

QlikView Silent Installation is installing a program to your device with minimum or no user interaction. It is different from the typical installer because during that you ask for confirmation and permission on several steps while the program installs like, the source location of the program, you need a shortcut to be made or not etc. Such installations are known as Attended Installation as opposed to Silent Installation in QlikView where the user did not ask confirm permission to proceed with the installation’s next steps.

Usually, during a silent install, you will just ask for permission to start the installing and nothing else. Sometimes, even the start permission not ask, and the program will install without you even knowing. This method also practices by system malware or sometimes security software detects a program being silently installed as a malware. QlikView Silent Installation prefer many a time as it doesn’t engage the user’s time in installing a program, instead, the user can set installation preferences and start a silent installation and resume doing their work.

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3. How to run Silent Installation for QlikView?

QlikView can also install through Silent Installation with a limited or no dialogs at all. Before initiating the QlikView silent installation, you need to create a silent installation package which involves all the features, properties, configuration and user selections.

The features that can add to this package are,

  • Directory Service Connector
  • Management Service
  • QlikView Server
  • QVS Documents
  • Web Server
  • Distribution Service
  • Support Tools
  • QVS Clients with the sub-features Plugin and Ajax.
  • Microsoft IIS with the sub-features QV Tunnel and QlikView Settings Service

This installation package creates by extracting the MSI (Microsoft Installer package) file from QlikView Setup.exe file. You can edit the commands in the file to set it up for silent installation of QlikView. There are two interface/interaction levels, first is /qn for completely silent type and /qb for basic user interface type.

You must add a command line to run a Silent Installation in QlikView. The command goes like

msiexec/iQlikViewServerx64.msiAddlocal=”all”IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME=”Domain\username” IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD=”password /qn+


QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe/s/v”/qn+Addlocal=”all”IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME=”Domain\username” IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD=”password”

This command will install QlikView all the features of QlikView silently. By adding a + sign at the end of the command returns a message or modal dialog saying “Finished” to confirm the successful installation of QlikView.

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4. Features of QlikView Silent Installation

You get to specify in the command line whether you want to include all the features into the installation package or select a few to add. You can also add the names of sub-features if you wish to add some. The feature or service names are to add in the command in front of ADDLOCAL= “all” if you wish to add all features or else specify individual feature names separated by commas.

The features and virtual directories can install on another website which you can set under DEFAULTWEBSITE on Ms IIS having more than one website.

The command line to direct installation of features onto a set default website is,

msiexec /i QlikViewServerx64.msi ADDLOCAL=”all” DEFAULTWEBSITE=”2″ /qn+

5. QlikView Silent Installation Setting

The settings mentioned in the table are necessary for you to know. Check that your system’s settings matches with this before initiating the QlikView silent installation.

  • Prerequisites: .NET Framework 4.5

  • Default installation folder (INSTALLDIR): ProgramFiIesFoIder\QIikView

  • Windows Installer Version: 3.1 Schema 301

  • Default language: English (United States) 1033

  • Require Administrative Privileges: Yes

  • INSTAL LEVEL: 100, all features are set to 101 by default

  • Features: There is a hidden feature called “Install”. Do not remove it.

  • IIS: Four virtual directories and an Application pool are installed

  • Services: Five services are installed

So, this was all about QlikView SIlent Installation. Hope you like our explanation.

6. Conclusion

Hence, we studied to create a silent installation package using a windows installer and run a silent installation for QlikView. You will not get any dialog prompt in the middle of the installation process. And will notify when the installation is complete and successful. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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