QlikView Certification – Exams & Registration Process

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1. QlikView Certification – Objective

After the QlikView Use Cases tutorial, we will discuss the QlikView Certification. In this tutorial, we will study different types of Qlikview Certification: QlikView Business Analyst, QlikView Data Architect, QlikView System Administrator with their passing marks. Moreover, we will cover the registration process of QlikView Certifications.

To steer your career in the direction of being a QlikView professional you need to be a qualified, certified QlikView expert. There are certification exams held for those who wish to improve their QlikView knowledge and prove their expertise in the field.

So, let’s start QlikView Certifications.

QlikView Certification - Types of Exams, Registration Process, Passing Marks

QlikView Certification – Types of Exams, Registration Process, Passing Marks

2. QlikView Certification Available

Basically, there are three areas in which you can attain the QlikView certifications,

  • QlikView Business Analyst

  • Data Architect

  • System Administrator

For each area of certification, there are specific exam prerequisites, preparation sources, and subjects of exams. So, we have provided an elaborate account of all the requirements related to preparing for the QlikView certification exam in later sections.

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3. Preparing for QlikView Certification Exams

All the questions asked in the examination are multiple-choice questions. However, if some questions are to be attempted differently, it will be specified in the question paper.

Preparing for QlikView Certification Exams

Preparing for QlikView Certification Exams

i. QlikView Business Analyst

A certification of QlikView Business Analyst focuses on the skill of data analysis, UI design, and layout. This QlikView certification exam focuses on skills related to application development (QlikView) and visual data analysis. Important points related to certificate examination are given below:

a. Exam Prerequisites

You must have a fundamental knowledge of BI tools, data analysis, and reporting. Experience on QlikView is highly recommended. Data visualization, UI design, and development will also help a lot.

b. Exam Topics

So, the main exam topics are,

  • Gathering and interpretation of KPIs, data dimensions ( text/descriptive fields) and measures (numeric fields). Weightage of this topic is 12%.

  • Discovering the relationship and associations between data sets. Weightage is again 12%.

  • Designing and developing QlikView applications and user interface. It includes usage and role of appropriate sheet objects (charts and tables). Types of functions and expressions and what application do they have on a certain sample of data. Knowledge of user interface components like sheets, documents, scripts, sheet objects, and their properties. This topic is of the highest weightage of 76%.

  • These exams consist of 50 questions to be attempted in 2 hours.

ii. QlikView Data Architect

If you are interested in the technical aspect i.e. application development and deployment, then the certificate of Data Architect is for you. This tests your skills in application development and knowledge of scripting, its languages, and data modeling. If you appear for the examination of data architect certification in QlikView, then you get certificates for both; data architect and business analyst. The reason behind getting the certificate of business analyst too is that this exam will also test the designing calibre along with technical. This exam has 60 questions and 2 hours of time.

a. Exam Prerequisites

Along with a good fundamental knowledge of Business Analysis, data discovery, data visualization etc., one also needs to be familiar with data modeling and database management scripting languages like SQL and advance functions. Along with this, if you have hands-on experience of QlikView and UI designing, scoring good in this exam will be a cake walk for you.

b. Exam Topics

  • Determining components like dimensions, measures, KPIs in datasets. Providing expert solutions to customer problems (weightage 8%).

  • Reports on data quality, performance, accuracy, and characteristics of the given data set. Determining the associations or relationships between different data fields or datasets and analyzing the effect of such relations on performance and accuracy. (weightage 18%)

  • About the associative data model, explaining the connection to different data sources, strategies to select the appropriate data files and loading methods, scenarios where QVD files should be used, load techniques during data transformation and functions used to transform data. Explaining the fact and dimension table, explaining Join types, and explaining the error scenarios like the Circular reference, synthetic key, data types etc. Different functions, load, and control statements and when they are used. About script and causes/solutions of script errors. (39% weightage)

  • UI design and development. It includes usage and the role of appropriate sheet objects (charts and tables). Types of functions and expressions and what application do they have on data values. Knowledge of user interface components like sheets, documents, scripts, sheet objects and their properties. Using application performance tuning options according to the scenario (25% weightage).

  • Application deliverance i.e. guiding users on how to use QlikView applications and how does the architectural components as publisher and server work. (10% weightage).

iii. QlikView System Administrator

As the name suggests, this QlikView certification exam has to do with administrative responsibilities. The user is expected to have expertise in managing (installing and configuring) QlikView server and publisher, do administrative tasks and troubleshoot problems faced in system deployment. Exam held for this certification title has 60 questions to be attempted in 2 hours time. The questions are based in QlikView’s version 12.1.

a. Exam Prerequisites

The most important prerequisite to scoring well for this certificate is the theoretical and practical knowledge of QlikView Server (Windows based environment) and Publisher.

b. Exam Topics

The topics need to be covered are,

  • Installation and configuration of QlikView services according to appropriate system requirements and specifications. (22% weightage)

  • Administering the environment which includes, the difference in functionalities of licensed and unlicensed publishers, task types and appropriate methods to according to system requirement, methods of task monitoring, proactive infrastructure management, using CAL types and its method of application. (35% weightage)

  • Troubleshooting problems and errors from the environment. Determination of method for issue detection, log file information-based errors, common performance issues and its causes. Detecting and resolving performance issues, resource allocation issues, environmental issues, client-server communication issues etc. (43% weightage)

Follow this link to know about QlikView System Requirements for Version 11 & 12

4. Minimum Passing Score for QlikView Certification

There are minimum passing scores set by the test takers. Refer to the table given below.

QlikView Certification Exam

Passing Score (%)

QlikView Business Analyst


Data Architect in QlikView


System Administrator in QlikView


5. How to Register for QlikView Certifications?

Basically, to register yourself for any of the three QlikView certificate examinations, you need to schedule your exam on the Pearson VUE website. You first have to create or enter the details of a Pearson VUE account if your account already exists. A QlikView account can also link to the Pearson’s login account so that the certificate goes by the name of the enterprise.

After login-in into the website, you will ask to book a date and mode (from a Pearson VUE exam center or from home) of examination to proceed with payment. The website has payment facilities accepting various payment modes like credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc.) or Pearson VUE website vouchers. The appointment will confirm as scheduled once the payment has been made. The exams cost $250 USD.

On the test day, make sure to reach the exam center at least 15 minutes prior to the exams starting time. Take two IDs with you that show clearly your picture, signature, and address. Nothing else is allowed inside. You will get a rough sheet and pencil to take down instant notes if required. The exams typically go on for 150 minutes. You will notify, how much time is remaining from time to time. The exams results are declared as soon as you finish the test and the detailed score report and certificate are loaded in Qlik CertTracker.

So, this was all about QlikView Certificate Exams. Hope you like our explanation.

6. Conclusion

Hence, the information provided to you about QlikView Certification in this tutorial will give you a fair and complete idea of QlikView Certifications. Follow the steps for registering and access resources to prepare for the exam as it is the official material to study from. So, it is very essential to gain practical knowledge of working on QlikView along with theoretical knowledge to do well in these exams. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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