Data Scientist Salary in India based on different Scales – A Complete Report

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Before applying for any job, we first check the salary figures associated with it. Here we are talking about data scientist job which is the most popular one. Everyone who is interested in this must want to know the salary figures of a data scientist.

Therefore, DataFlair is presenting a report on Data Scientist’s Salary on different scales. You will get to know salaries based on different roles, skills, location, and many other factors. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore the salary of a data scientist.

What does Data Scientist do?

A data scientist mines complex data and deliver systems-related advice to his/her organization. In a team, they manage statistical data and look at what their company needs to create different models. A data scientist knows how to interpret data and extract meaning from it.

Since data is rarely ever clean, s/he spends time collecting, cleaning, and munging it. S/he needs skills like statistics, machine learning, software engineering skills, persistence, and being human. That person also spends time in exploratory data analysis- in visualization and data sense.

S/he will find patterns, build algorithms and models, design experiments, communicate with team members, and perform data-driven decision making.

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Data Science Job Trends in India

Following are the trends in Data Science job postings per 1 million postings on Indeed –

data science job postings

From the above chart, we can infer that Data Science jobs have been growing in trending charts. In 2019, it is expected that this trend will only grow higher.

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Some points to note for Job Trends in India –

  • India contributes to 6% of job openings worldwide.
  • The total number of data science and analytics jobs in India are 97,000.
  • 97% of the jobs are on full time basis whereas 3% are part-time.
  • There has been an increase in 45% of total jobs in the year 2018.
  • There is an increase of 2% in analytics salary above 15 lac in India.

Salary Range for Data Scientists

According to the yearly salary of a data scientist in India is Rs. 818,099.

data scientist salary in India

Further looking into the stats behind the Data Science salary, we have –

  • Average Salary- Rs. 818,099
  • Average Bonus- Rs. 100,473
  • Average Profit Sharing- Rs 36,667
  • Lowest Salary- Rs. 341,000
  • Highest Salary- Rs. 2,000,000
  • Lowest Bonus- Rs. 20,000
  • Highest Bonus- Rs. 321,000
  • Lowest Profit Sharing- Rs. 0.00
  • Highest Profit Sharing- Rs. 608,000

Do you know why Data Science is in demand?

Data Science Salary According to their Roles

Entry Level Data Scientists

The average Entry Level Data Scientist in India makes about Rs 507,269 per year. These are the people who have just started out in Data Science and have few skills in their technical arsenal.

However, by continuously evolving with the progression of job, one can increase their salary through experience and inclusion of more skills.

entry level data scientist salary

Junior Data Scientists

Junior Data Scientists usually have an experience of minimum 2 years in the field of data science. He earns an average salary of Rs 9,21,957 per year according to

junior data scientist salary

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Senior Data Scientist

A Senior Data Scientist are the ones who have been engaged in data science for many years and are acquainted with the very depth of this field. A Senior Data Scientist in India earns on an average, a salary of Rs. 18,21,795.

senior data scientist salary

Data Scientist Salary Based on Location

Major metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi have a high concentration of data science companies as well as thriving tech companies. Furthermore, various burgeoning startups in these cities are working on data science technologies.

Therefore, there are ample opportunities to find work in these areas. Let us now have a look at how these cities are ranked based on the salaries offered.

location based data scientist salary

Data Science Salary Based on Skills

Based on the skills of a data scientist, the salary also varies. Machine Learning is the most in-demand tool that the data science industry requires.

As a matter of fact, it is the most sought out and highly paid skill in data science. Following are some of the key skills based on which salaries are offered to the data scientist.

data scientist skills based salary

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Data Scientist Salary Based on the Industry

The salary of a data scientist is dependent on the industry of employment. Based on the industry, the data also varies. Therefore, the specialization of data scientist also differs across the industries.

According to Linkedin, Data Scientists earn the highest salary in the area of Consumer Goods followed by Finance, Energy & Mining, Media & Communication and Corporate Services.

data scientist industry based salary

Data Scientist Salary based on Degree

According to a survey carried out by Linkedin, a Ph.D. degree can earn you the highest package in data science. This is followed by a Master’s Degree. Therefore, it is recommended that you have an advanced degree. Furthermore, the field of your study also plays some role in determining salary.

data scientist salary based on degree

How to get hired as a data Scientist in the top Companies?

Data Scientist Salary based on the Companies

Some of the popular tech companies hiring data scientists in India are as follows –

company based data scientist salary


This was the complete salary report of a data scientist salary. Hope now you are clear with all the factors that affect the salary of a data scientist. For any more queries, you can ask us through comments. Here is the next blog for you – Step by Step guide to become a Data Scientist.

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  1. sai srinivas says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to inform you that as i have knowledge in C(data structures),am i eligible to continue my career in Data Sciences.Please suggest me

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hi Srinivas,
      Yes, you can make your career in Data Science, a programming background helps. And with the right amount of efforts in the right direction, you certainly can become a data scientist.

      There are some tech and non-tech skills require for DataScientist like knowledge of R, Python, SAS, machine learning etc. For that just refer our sidebar, you will find an article named “Infographic – How to become a data scientist”, this infographic contains all the latest requirements, skills, career opportunities. Which will help you to take your decision.
      Hope, it will help!

  2. Kiran Yasa says:

    Dear Data Flair,
    I am working as SQL Server DBA(Now acting as support &operations Manager) past 11 years and I have less knowledge on programming concepts .I have good knowledge on SQL server and Service now and analyzing the data for our Monthly /quarterly ,half yearly review with higher management.
    I need your suggestion with out much programming knowledge like python (if we learn python as peart of DS course not much will do in programming as like developer do)can we survive in industry?

    Or do we have any tools which can help for DS -which may not required programming knowledge.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hello Kiran,
      Thanks for connecting with DataFlair.
      Being a data scientist you will be handled unstructured data. SQL queries will not sufficient to handle these unstructured data, for this you need to write a program. Python is quite an easy language. DataFlair recommend you, to take Free Python Tutorial Series. Alternatively, if you still don’t like programming, you can try R. Free R Tutorial Series

  3. Arshiz says:

    Dear Data Flair,

    I am an ERP(Peoplesoft) Functional Consultant with Computer Science background. I want to switch to a career in Data Science and going for Diploma. Please advise what specializations are offered in Data Science which has good salary scope.


  4. Venkatesh says:

    Can we do the data science with distance degree

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