How Data Science is doing business tantra on Digital Marketing?

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627 Million Indian Internet Users expected until the end of 2019: See what Magic has Data Science done on Digital Marketing

Data Science knows you better than your bestie. Don’t believe me? It’s okay! After reading this article you will.

I agree to disagree here, but, I believe that data science is the king and when it comes to digital marketing, Data Science is a loyal customer. Like a true friend, it remembers everything about you. It helps you interpret, analyze and gives you feedback.

Isn’t it is fascinating to know that the digital revolution is now sweeping small towns and villages perhaps driven by increased accessibility at affordable data costs?

The whole world is in our hands and the increase in the usage of digital in rural India, where more than two-thirds of active internet users are present is a great opportunity and a win-win situation for both.They are trying to meet their entertainment and communication needs and we can help them provide the best of service in addition to winning their hearts and pocket.

According to a report of Economic Times, internet users have grown by 7 percent in urban India and has reached 315 million users in 2018.

You can thank JIO (and some other companies for this) as “Increased availability of bandwidth, cheap data plans, and increased awareness has driven this digital gap between urban and rural India”. The penetration in rural India has increased from 9 percent in 2015 to 25 percent in 2018.

Also, the best part about this is that we can see gender equality somewhere. A gender balance like never before :P. Out of the total internet users, women comprise 42 percent of the population.

Data Science in Digital Marketing

With the advent of data science in the digital world, deeper marketing insights can be drawn. The power of data science is huge and better digital marketing helps the marketer to effectively use data techniques to improve the marketing insights, better understand the customers, and manage customer interaction in web-based environments.

The best thing is that you can achieve economies of scale, understand your target market and work accordingly. Starting from Facebook, it gains insights about the social interactions you have with the people. The next is Amazon, which is transforming E-commerce with data science. Riding with convenience comes Uber to provide the best services to its users.

With all the money comes to Bank of America and is ‘interested in using data to leverage customer experience. Now, relax as Airbnb is here to make your stay more comfortable. Last but not least comes Spotify, which is revolutionizing music streaming (#drooling with Data).

Interesting? Isn’t it? All this is mastered by the top 6 companies that are changing the world through Data Science.

Now, let’s check the major uses of data science in the digital marketing process:

1. Digital Footprints

When personal data is released deliberately by a user for the purpose of sharing information about oneself by means of websites or social media. This discloses certain preferences and characteristics, such as their personality or mood.

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2. Automated Language Analysis

Companies are very interested in such data. Automated language analysis is already being used in the hiring of personnel. Advertisements seem to be very successful when their message is adapted to the personality or mood of the customer.

3. Eyeball Tracking System

Based on their eye movements, the researchers were able to predict the mood of the user. Emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise in real-time as someone looks at a news feed, and it delivers content based on the person’s emotional state. For example, when a user engages with a news feed or other app, such software could secretly track the person’s emotions and use this “emotion detector” as a guide for targeting advertising.

Apart from this, data science helps marketers to:

  1. Bifurcate the data on the basis of its usefulness.
  2. Capture the data for accuracy.
  3. Use the tools of data science.

Data science has a strong application in each of these 3 types of media:

data science applications in various types of media - use of data science in digital marketing

Helps in Google Adword and Adsense

Google Adwords is used by the advertisers for ads posting. Here online advertising can be done for brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings and for video content. Google Adsense also works in a similar manner. The difference is that Google Ads is used by advertisers and AdSense is used by publishers.

google adwords and google adsense process in digital marketing - data science for digital marketing

Google through its Google Ads and Ad Spaces works for the publisher and the advertiser. It has the right tool to match the right ad to the right placement. Through Google Analytics, Google delivers the best of experience to both ends. Three methods used for this are:

1. Contextual Targeting: In Contextual targeting

Contextual targeting is a very effective method for targeting customers. It permits advertisers to display relevant ads on the website’s content.

It is all based on the user search, they see the ads of what they have searched for in the past. Also, it ensures that the ad content matches the page content and contextually relevant advertisements can lead the user to the right place. Thus, creating a win-win situation.

This also complements the overall video experience. Here, the advertisements get selected automatically by a system based on the identity and personality of the user. Hence, the content is displayed accordingly.

2. Placement Targeting: Recommendation system

Placement targeting in simple terms means that an advertiser selects a specific website where he wants his/her ad to appear. For his ad campaign, he can select his targeted sites where the maximum no. of his/her target market resides.

For example – If I am a shoe seller and I want to increase my market reach, then I will try to get ad space on a good shoe review website. This will increase the trust of the customers on my brand and product and will ultimately lead to sales.

3. Interest-based Advertising

This type of advertisement tries to capture and understand the interest of the users. It is targeted on the bases of the visitor and not the content. So, if I am surfing Myntra for clothes and then I switch to Facebook, I will see the advertisement for Myntra there. The website comes up with ads based on Interest-based Advertising.


Needless to say more, all this has proved that your data and records are present with the companies and they are using data science to know you better. Lastly, I would like to say that if your phone is connected online, the temptation to stay updated is very high. So try and make sure that you use the technology before the technology uses you.

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Any other use of data science in digital marketing that you would like to add? Share through comments.

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