Data Science at Movies – Even Iron Man is impressed by its Power

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Entertainment makes us lively and one cannot neglect movies when we think about it. We all are fond of watching movies at FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW when it comes to our favorite actor/actress!! But none of us has ever thought how a movie becomes a BLOCKBUSTER.

Don’t worry, you are at the right place! DataFlair is here to answer your every unanswered question. So, coming back to the topic, Data Science is speedily developing to take up all the industries of the world today.

Today we are going to learn how Data Science at movies is helpful and how it can make movies better. Also, there are several key areas where Data Science is used in movies and how it makes a movie business better.

“Every great film should seem new every time you see it.”

                                                                                       – Roger Ebert

We are going to learn about how Data Science benefits Movie Industries –

  1. Prevent Movie Failure
  2. Helps in Development of Films
  3. Helps in Generating more Revenue
  4. Improves Post- Production
  5. Real-Time Streaming

Data Science-at-movies

Data Science at Movies – Bollywood Debut

Data Science is used in every walk of life. Industries like finance, education, medicine, banking all make use of data science. Another industry that is heavily reliant on this technology is the film industry.

Data Science at movies is very helpful and useful to make a movie business more successful. Movies convey stories to the people and based on the audience requirements, producers are able to deliver results.

These results are now a result of an in-depth analysis of user requirements through various tools of predictive technology.

DO YOU KNOW – Data Science made its Bollywood Debut with Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana!!

How data science helped this movie – Behind the Scenes😉

Data Science in movies

Bollywood movies are full of life and interesting and are known for their over-the-top fashion and makeup, especially for women. It is a multi-million-dollar industry, generating over 1000 movies a year!

It was the first-time analytics is being used to pull audiences for a Bollywood movie, said Ratnaa Sinha, director of Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana. “I gave (Bhatia) these duties: I wanted the (movie trailers) to be evident, for people to respond to it, and change this into tickets.”, he further added.

Infinite Analytics found the lead actor Rajkummar Rao’s previous preferences in terms of films, music, food, books, and suggested the same for this movie. The result was surprising. The trailer of the film catches up a million hits within five days of its release.

How can Data Science help movies?

Like other businesses and industries, films and movies require market insights in order to create better films. Before Data Science, only 36% of the films had profitable returns. There were several shortcomings that could not be addressed without the knowledge of the audience base.

Data Science has created better possibilities for the industries to understand the audience and the current trends in the market.

Now, let’s go through some of the ways in which Data Science can help movies.

1. Data Science can Prevent Movie Failures

Through an examination of hundreds of thousands of movies over the decade, producers, marketers, and directors can detect irregularity and provide better results. Furthermore, based on the user’s presence and trends on social media. Data Scientists can analyze if the movie will be successful or not.

Based on the user comments and other forms of unstructured data like tweets. Data Scientists can assist the companies to make better films or make films that suit the general public opinion. In this way, Data Science helps movie industries to avoid losses and make films that everyone can enjoy.

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2. Data Science can assist in the Development of Films

With the help of data science, movie producers, writers and directors can analyze the relevance of movie plot and if the movie plot is repeated in any way. Furthermore, it can help in removing redundancies from the film scripts and provide room for better ideas.

Just like in the previous example, Data Scientists can segment audiences based on their social media presence and deliver better movies to them. This is carried out through the clicks of audiences, engagements, histories, etc.

Writers and producers can also keep themselves updated on the competitive landscape and develop films that are ahead of their peers, deciding the talent as well as the budget.

Furthermore, text analytics and natural language processing allow the studios to have better production quality during the development stage. With text analytics and semantic understanding, data scientists can analyze the movie scripts, behavior between the characters.

3. Data Science can help to Generate more Revenue

Data Scientists can analyze the market for the release of the film as well as the right time. Using NLP, they can analyze posts on social media and determine ideal conditions for the release of the film.

Furthermore, data scientists can analyze the best time of the year for the release of films based on their genre. Data Science at movies plays a major role in generating revenue. For example, animated films are mostly released during children’s holidays and superhero films are mostly released during summer.

Data Scientists are also responsible for assisting the marketing team for the movie release. Based on the previous sales and accounts, data scientists are able to undertake important decisions that will help the marketing team to take necessary decisions.

This also involves the time of releasing the movie trailer and its composition.

4. Data Science for Improving Post-Production

Trailers, promos, posters are all getting affected by Data Science. By using data science at movies, producers and directors can improve the editing, movie budgets and finding useful insights from the data.

Using predictive analytics, machine learning, and sentiment analysis, movie directors are able to produce better trailers that are more enticing which will eventually draw more audience.

Successful promos, trailers and catchy film posters will satisfy the initial audience who will eventually bring more interesting audience which will help in increasing the overall success rate of the film.

As discussed above, marketing is one of the most essential methodologies of promoting a film. It forms one of the many areas in post-production. Based on the general audience consensus through film trailers, directors can even bring necessary changes to the film.

For example, the director of the recent Sonic film decided to revamp the design of the character based on the poor reviews and posts on social media.

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5. Data Science for Real-Time Streaming

Movie streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu are making extensive use of Data Science. Martin Scorsese hailed online streaming as the future of the films. Streaming companies are able to enrich their content based on audience demands through an in-depth analysis using data science technologies.

Furthermore, companies are able to track their users, their preferences, geographical locations to provide better streaming experiences. Understanding user psyche is one of the most essential responsibilities of a data scientist.

Recommendation System is another popular application of data science that provides users with personalized preferences. These recommendations are based on the previous history of the user, geographical location, time of the day and genre preferences.


Here we conclude our article on Data Science at Movies. Now, we all can proudly say that we humans and of course Data Science plays a major role in making a movie blockbuster. Here we have learned several avenues where data science can be used at movies.

Also, how with the help of Data Science, filmmakers can take careful decisions to prevent movie failures.

Hope you liked our article.

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