4 Most Viewed Data Science Case Studies given by Top Data Scientists

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You learned Data Science. Have you ever wondered why it is used in all the industries and how it all started? I have the answer. Today, I came up with the 4 most popular Data Science case studies to explain how data science is being utilized.

So, your work is to read each case study and then you will automatically grab the concept behind using Data Science.

Data Science has a wide variety of applications. It is used in several fields ranging from health, education to transportation and manufacturing.

Various industries are using Data Science to boost their production, make smarter decisions and develop innovative products that are tailored for customer needs. Let’s check how these industries are using Data Science.

data science case studies

Before moving on I recommend to must read the purpose of Data Science.

Data Science Case Studies

Here are the most famous Data Science Case Studies that will brief you how Data Science is used in different sectors. Also, the importance of data science in several industries.

1. Data Science in Pharmaceutical Industries

With the enhancement in data analytics and cloud-driven technologies, it is now easier to analyze vast datasets of patient information. In Pharmaceutical Industries, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have revolutionized oncology.

With new pharmaceutical products emerging every day, it is difficult for the physicians to keep themselves updated on the treatment products. Moreover, more generic diagnostic treatment options find it difficult to tap into a complex competitive market.

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However, with the advancements in analytics and through the processing of parallel pipelined statistical models, it is now easier for pharmaceutical industries to have a competitive edge over the market.

With various statistical models like Markov Chains, it is now possible to predict the likelihood of doctors prescribing medicines based on their interaction with the brand. Similarly, reinforcement learning is starting to establish itself in the realm of digital marketing.

It is used to recognize the patterns of digital engagement of physicians and their prescriptions. The main motive of this data science case study is to share the issues faced and how data science provides solutions for that.

2. Predictive Modeling for Maintaining Oil and Gas Supply

Crude oil and gas industries face a major problem of equipment failures which usually occurs due to the inefficiency of oil wells and their performance at a subpar level.

With the adoption of a successful strategy that advocates for predictive maintenance, the well operators can be alerted of crucial stages for shutdown as well as can be notified of maintenance periods. This will lead to a boost in oil production and prevent further loss.

Data Scientists can apply Predictive Maintenance Strategy to use data in order to optimize high-value machinery for manufacturing and refining oil products. With the telemetry data extracted through sensors, a steady stream of historical data can be used to train our machine learning model.

This machine learning model will predict the failing of machine parts and will notify the operators of timely maintenance in order to avert oil losses.

A Data Scientist assigned with the development of PdM strategy will help to avoid hazards and will predict machine failures, prompting the operators to take precautionary steps.

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3. Data Science in BioTech

The human gene is composed of four building blocks – A, T, C and G. Our looks and characteristics are determined by the three billion permutations of these four building blocks. While there are genetic defects and defects acquired during lifestyle, the consequences of it can lead to chronic diseases.

Identifying such defects at an early stage can help the doctors and diagnostic teams to take preventive measures.

Helix is one of the genome analysis companies that provide customers with their genomic details. Also, several medicines tailored for specific genetic designs have become increasingly popular due to the advent of new computational methodologies.

Due to the explosion in data, we can understand complex genomic sequences and analyze them on a large scale.

Data Scientists can use contemporary computing power to handle large datasets and understand patterns of genomic sequences to identify defects and provide insights to physicians and researchers.

Furthermore, with the usage of wearable devices, data scientists can use the relationship between the genetic characteristics and the medical visits to develop a predictive modeling system.

4. Data Science in Education

Data Science has also changed the way in which students interact with teachers and evaluate their performance. Instructors can use data science to analyze the feedback received from the students and use it to improve their teaching.

Data Science can be used to create predictive modeling that can predict the drop-out rate of students based on their performance and inform the instructors to take necessary precautions.

You must check how Data Science is transforming the education system.

IBM analytics has created a project for schools to evaluate student’s performance based on their performance. Universities are using data to avoid retention supplement the performance of their students.

For example, the University of Florida makes use of IBM Cognos Analytics to keep track of student performance and make necessary predictions.

Also, MOOCs and online education platforms are using data science to keep track of the students, to automate the assignment evaluation and to better the course based on student feedback.


So, these were the most viewed Data Science Case studies that are provided by Data Science experts. Data Science has created a strong foothold in several industries.

There are many more case studies that prove that data science has boosted the performance of industries and has made them smarter and more efficient.

Data Science has not only accelerated the performance of companies but has also made it possible for them to manage & sustain their performance with ease.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article on Data Science Case Studies. Any question related to Data Science? As in the comment section.

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    There are many more cases studies that prove that data science has boosted the performance of industries and has made them smarter and more efficient.

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