Latest Qlik Sense Versions – June 2018 & September 2018

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1. Objective

Earlier we saw Capabilities of Qlik Sense. Today, we will see the new Qlik Sense Versions. Moreover, we will discuss the features of Qlik Sense June 2018 and Qlik Sense September 2018.

So, let’s start exploring the latest Qlik Sense Versions.

Latest Qlik Sense Versions

Latest Qlik Sense Versions – June 2018 & September 2018

2. What are the Latest Qlik Sense Versions?

Below, we are discussing 2 new versions of Qlik Sense that are Qlik Sense June 2018 and Qlik Sense September 2018. So, let’s discuss new features of Qlik Sense –

i. What is New in Qlik Sense June 2018?

Qlik Sense Versions

Qlik Sense June 2018

a. Create, discover and collaborate

  • Insight advisor is the updated insight suggesting tool, which provides insights on data you have loaded into the Qlik Sense app. The insight advisor is powered by an AI cognitive engine unique to Qlik. The insights generate using the loaded data as visualizations and charts which are relevant to the context of the analysis that data carries.
  • Accelerated self-service, adding functionalities like alternative chart suggestions, switching the dimensions and measures just by a simple drag and drop, changing between common aggregations using a drop-down menu.
  • The sheet view has become vertically scrollable and extendable. Also, you can change the size of the grid.
  • Improvised expression editor has three separate controls to add and use Fields, Functions, and Variables.
  • Data filters are available which lets you set filtering conditions for fields and field values. These conditions are applied automatically during script execution.
  • Some modifications are made in the visualizations and mapping, where you can hide/show specific columns in a straight table, turn off the mini-graph used in the line, bar and combo charts. Also, you can add the line layer in the multi-layer map chart.
  • App management is made better from the hub as you can now republish and already published the app. There is a new section for published apps in the hub now. Also, the author can manage the base and community sheets in the apps from the hub.
  • Improved accessibility in Qlik Sense has given new features like screen reader tags, keyboard navigation for data tables, flip from charts to data tables etc.
  • The Qlik help site is also improved as it now has keyboard shortcuts for navigating in the site, new UI elements, searches, texts, image zooming, resizing and magnifying the screens.

b. Deploy and Administer

You can distribute apps created on the Qlik Sense Enterprise version through a multi-cloud deployment to the Qlik Sense cloud services. This multi-cloud deployment can be administered through a single licensing and sign-on process.

c. Increased Mobility

You can access Qlik Sense and work with the QS apps using the BlackBerry access browser on your mobile device like a laptop, tablet, or a mobile.

d. Qlik Connectors

In this version, five new ODBC connectors add in the connectors package. Out of these five, all are available as a beta version except for Presto. The five newly added are,

ii. What is New in Qlik Sense September 2018?

Qlik Sense Versions

Qlik Sense September 2018

a. Augmented intelligence

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The augmented intelligence extends to reach more and more users and with this version, all the users can use the insight advisor to search and generate insights on master items.

b. Advanced authoring

  • Improvements are made in the sheet controls as now the user have more control when using a touch screen device or in case of mouse input events. Also, the developers of the QS apps can set a default bookmark for the entire app, which applies the selections when the app opens.
  • You can customize your app by setting a fix pixel size for the app’s dashboard. This disables the auto-resizing feature of Qlik Sense which changes the size of the dashboard according to the change in the size of the screen. However, this feature is not available in the mobile device mode.
  • Helpful additions in the expression editor are also done such as users are able to add direct links in the expressions, better categorization of the functions, and easier searching of field names, functions, and variables.
  • Improved visualization controls have made show/hide columns in a pivot table possible and color scaling or grading options for the master measure fields.

c. Visualizations and mapping

Special improvements in visualizations and mapping are made like adding a new density layer in the maps, which has a multi-color gradient where the intensity of the color on the map is decided by the number and closeness of data points. That is, the closer and greater the points, more intense the color. Along with this, features like adaptive pixel pan and zoom, default colors for added layers, enabled loading and rendering of KML files having geographic line data, new field labels etc. add for the maps.

d. Management

Improvements have been made in the back-end workflow of the Qlik Sense services. In this version, we can move multiple Qlik Sense apps between streams in the Qlik Sense Management Control. This is an upgrade feature of April 2018 version, where single Qlik Sense apps can move in QMC streams. Also, for stability and compatibility reasons, an open source front-end framework is available.

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e. Mobile

You can access the Qlik Sense Enterprise version in the AirWatch EMM environments using the Safari browser, Chrome or VMware browser.

f. Qlik Connectors

More connectivity options are available in this version like,

  • MS Azure QSL DB.
  • The JIRA connector.
  • An improved security and LDAP authentication service add to the QlikODBC connector.

So, we have discussed the 2 Qlik Sense Versions. Hope you liked the explanation of Qlik Sense Versions.

3. Conclusion

Hence, in this Qlik Sense Versions tutorial, we saw the new and improved features in Qlik Sense. So, these features add with the launching of two new Qlik Sense Versions, i.e. version June 2018 and September 2018. The creators provide a wholesome enhancement of the software with the coming of each new version as services like improved augmented intelligence, creating and discovery, deploying and administering, mobility, visualization, and mapping, management and connections.

Still, if you have any confusion related to Qlik Sense Versions, ask freely in the comment tab.

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