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Top Qlik Sense Quiz Questions

So, after completing the Qlik Sense Tutorials, today we came with the best Qlik Sense Quiz. This Qlik Sense Quiz is specially designed by the expert, which will test your knowledge of Qlik Sense.

So, let’s start playing the Qlik Sense Quiz.

Qlik Sense Quiz

Qlik Sense Quiz

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Q.1 Which of the following aggregation functions joins a string?
Q.2 Which of the following is NOT an aggregate function?
Q.3 Which Qlik Sense architectural component serves as the entry point for both users and administrators via sources like hub and management console?
Q.4 What is the place where all the data and information regarding the configuration and management of other Qlik Sense services is stored?
Q.5 Which file type is native to Qlik Sense?
Q.6 What are you most likely to find in Qlik Sense Desktop?
Qlik Sense Hub
Data Load Editor
Data Manager
Q.7 Where in Qlik Sense can you make associations between data tables?
Q.8 Which color, shown during the recommendation of an association signifies a moderately recommended association between two tables?
Q.9 Which of the following is NOT a way to make selections in Qlik Sense?
Q.10 Which of the following visualizations are you most likely to use when you want to display a KPI, average, sum or a percentage?
Q.11 Which of the following is NOT a relational operator?

Q.12. Which of the following are the layers in a Qlik Sense map?

Q.13 Which of the following function returns the numeric value of a color used in the code?
Q.14 What kind of functions are applied to records when they are encountered during the load script execution of the LOAD statement?
Q.15 Which of the given date and time function creates a date out of the provided year?
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So, this was all in Qlik Sense Quiz Questions. Hope you enjoyed.

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