Qlik Sense Books | Top 8 Books For Qlik Sense Freshers & Experienced

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In our last tutorial, we discussed Qlik Sense Career Opportunities. Today, we will see best Qlik Sense Books. Moreover, there are several books from which you can learn Qlik Sense both in fundamentals and in practice. Also, in this lesson, we have provided a list of essential books for Qlik Sense along with their short description so that you can gain an insight into the book.

So, let’s start the Qlik Sense Books Tutorial.

Qlik Sense Books

Qlik Sense Books | Top 8 Books For Qlik Sense Freshers and Experienced

1. Best Qlik Sense Books

So, here is the list of Top Qlik Sense Books, which will help both freshers and experienced in Qlik Sense.

Let’s revise Qlik Sense Key Concepts

i. Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide

by Dr. Christopher Ilacqua, Dr. Henric Cronström & James Richardson

Learning Qlik Sense

This book will help you gain the fundamental understanding of the software and how it functions. You can learn how to create and manage applications in Qlik Sense. It includes processes like data loading, creating visualizations, managing the application, system administering and monitoring the security etc. It will also help you understand the purpose behind the creation of Qlik Sense, and the surity that data discovery gives to you and to your organization, know the life cycle of Qlik Sense Application, helps to visualize the data with it’s informative graphing, developing your applications from importing data through publication.

ii. Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide – Second Edition

by Dr. Christopher Ilacqua, Dr. Henric Cronström & James Richardson

Learning Qlik Sense II

This book is the updated version of the first official guide. It teaches new functionalities available in the newer versions of the software. It teaches next-generation data discovery, building data models, creating Qlik Sense apps in the cloud, extending the analytical platform etc. It helps you to learn to create your applications for Qlik Sense and to design it to meet your personal needs for business intelligence, and how to administer the Qlik Sense data architecture.


Do you know about Qlik Sense Counter Functions

iii. Qlik Sense Cookbook

by Philip Hand & Neeraj Kharpate

Qlik Sense Cookbook

The Qlik Sense Cookbook focuses on practical use of Qlik Sense and tackling challenging issues faced primarily by the developers while working. This book is designed as a journey, teaching Qlik Sense from the beginning and advancing to more complex processes. It covers data loading, associations, sheet object and visualization creation, scripting, set analysis, developing extensions. It also provides best practices along with tips and tricks regarding user interface navigations and app management. A chapter giving insight into the version 2.1.1 of Qlik Sense is also present in this book. It is ensured that by the end of this book, you will be a proficient user of Qlik Sense ready to face almost any technical challenge coming along.

iv. Qlik Sense Cookbook – Second Edition

by Pablo Labbe, Philip Hand & Neeraj Kharpate

Qlik Sense Cookbook II

The cookbook’s second edition provides lessons on all the updated techniques of the software. It includes new chapters on advanced aggregation and tip and tricks. The advanced aggregation covers topics like nested aggregation, using Rank() function with Aggr, doing set analysis with Aggr function, and creating an ABC analysis. Also, it has additional lessons on subfield() and dual() functions. Along with this, it discusses the topics like creating latest visuals, writing and using script subroutines, making advanced UI, using visualization extensions etc. Both the versions of Qlik Sense Cookbook give special attention in their chapters on the users operating at organizational or enterprise level.

Let’s revise Qlik Sense Box Plot

v. Mastering Qlik Sense

by Martin Mahler & Juan Ignacio Vitantonio

Mastering Qlik Sense

This book has kept its focus on the self-service creation of Qlik Sense applications. In self-service creation, you get to learn about the self-service model, IKEA effect, types of users in self-service, benefits, and limitations. Other topics explained are, data modeling techniques, about security and its rules, types of Master Key Items (MKIs) and how and when to use them, scripting and writing ETL code, working with APIs, creating mashup HTML projects etc. 


Have a look at Qlik Sense Text and Image Visualizations

vi. Implementing Qlik Sense

by Ganapati Hegde & Kaushik Solanki

Implementing Qlik Sense

As the name suggests, this book focuses on implementing Qlik Sense techniques to create efficient BI solutions. It includes some sample business cases through which you can learn how to create, implement and manage efficient BI solutions that match the requirements and meets or even exceeds the expectations of the clients. This Qlik Sense book teaches the importance of the role of a consultant in creating BI solutions, preparing for the project by understanding the client’s requirements, designing the optimum architecture and data model, using best techniques for development and implementation of the project. It also explains the Qlik Sense projects’ life cycle. 

vii. Predictive Analytics Using Rattle and Qlik Sense

by Ferran Garcia Pagans

Predictive Analytics Using Rattle & Qlik Sense

This book focuses on predictive analysis using two technologies Rattle and Qlik Sense. These two technologies complement each other very well, as Rattle uses R language for GUI has driven data mining. Using data mining, real-time predictive analysis can be performed efficiently in Qlik Sense. This book explains ways to go about predictive analysis in Qlik Sense starting from setting up your software for incorporating Rattle and R, explore Rattle charts and use multivariate statistical techniques, discovering relationships amongst data, applying different data analysis techniques, creating and evaluating the predictive model, learn data visualizations and data storytelling.

Let’s revise Qlik sense Color Functions

viii. Qlik Sense: Advanced Data Visualization for Your Organization

by Dr. Christopher Ilacqua et al.

Qlik Sense : Advanced Data Vizualization for your Orgaisation

This book teaches advanced data visualization for the organizations or enterprises in Qlik Sense. Its key areas of explanation are data discovery, visualization models (with Rattle and Qlik Sense), creating informative graphs, creating responsive associative models, etc. Also, this book provides lessons on data discovery in different domains like sales, human resource, travel expense, and demographic discovery.

Do you know about Qlik Sense Data Model

So, this was all in best Qlik Sense Books. Hope you like our explanation.

2. Summary – Books For Qlik Sense

Hence, in this Qlik Sense Books tutorial, we discussed the 8 important and recommended Qlik Sense Books if you wish to master working in Qlik Sense. As we saw, almost all of the books for Qlik Sense provide a comprehensive account on how to use and manage Qlik Sense Desktop. We hope this information will help you in deciding which book to go to start learning Qlik Sense in depth.

Do share your suggestions and queries in the comment box below.

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