Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations – Explore the Pros & Cons

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1. Objective – Qlik Sense Pros & Cons

In our last Qlik Sense Tutorial, we discussed Qlik Sense Use Cases. Today, we will see Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations. Moreover, we are going to weigh the pros against the cons of Qlik Sense & test the credibility of the software. The advantages and limitations of Qlik Sense are discussed in separate sections of this article.

So, let’s start Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations tutorial.

Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations - Explore the Pros & Cons

Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations – Explore the Pros & Cons

2. Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations

So, here is the list of Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations

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i. Advantages of Qlik Sense

As we know, there are many applications of Qlik Sense and hence their benefits too. Below, is the list of advantages of Qlik Sense.

  • Data integration and linking is made easy due to the associative model.
  • With the augmented graphics and data discovery features, Qlik Sense helps in spreading data literacy which means that users regardless of their skill set and capabilities can learn to intuitively draw meaningful insights from data and hence, learn to comprehend data.
  • It provides a suitable platform for the enterprise ecosystem where development can be carried out with extensible and customizable APIs, big or small data could be integrated, apps can be loaded using a multi-cloud platform.
  • The atmosphere for interactive analysis where almost anything can be searched from the depths of data through global search and selections which response quickly.
  • Smart analytics as there are options for system guided analytics like the Insight Advisor. Also geographical and advanced calculations can be applied to the data to give data new contexts and analyzing it from a different point of views.
  • Qlik Sense is compatible with all sorts of devices like desktop, tablets, laptops, mobile phones. This makes creating and analyzing the applications much more eased up.
  • The centralized hub acts as a platform for collaboration and sharing information, data, reports, applications with other users.
  • For an individual as well as team users, the self-service creation is very beneficial especially for non-technical users in creating apps, spreadsheets, visualizations and BI solutions with the help of machine-guided analytics.
  • Custom application development is possible by the virtue of embedded analytics having open standard APIs and development tools.
  • Reporting of the final data analysis is made easier by features like report sharing in formats like PDF, XLS, PowerPoint etc. Also, the data storytelling feature has improved analytics report sharing.
  • The software provides flexible and robust security provisions.
  • The capability of data scaling is also very beneficial to the users who need to use a large amount of data from big data sources. Also, such efficient scalability allows many users to work on the same application at a single time.
  • The multi-cloud architecture has made this software one of the best as it leads to efficient functioning in the areas like data security, scalability, processing ensuring optimum performance of the tool.

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ii. Limitations of Qlik Sense

We will discuss the limitations of Qlik Sense in this section. The overcoming of these limitations is one of the main focuses every time when a new version of Qlik Sense releases.

  • There are some issues on the client side like some features malfunctioning in iOS, qvf and qvw files not being saved separately etc.
  • Sometimes more than usual memory space is used while working in the analysis mode, slowing the processing and hindering the proper functioning of the app.
  • Issue regarding screen size adjusting and other impairments in the desktop objects have been reported by the clients using Qlik Sense on mobile devices like iPads, tablets, mobile phones etc.
  • Issues in loading data in the script or data load editor have been encountered. Problems related to ODBC connections, exporting data from the sheet, script’s debug mode, etc. have been noted.
  • Often in the edit modes of scripts or storytelling, the software hangs and becomes unresponsive. This does not give the user a smooth experience with the software.
  • The Qlik Management Console also does not work ideally in some situations. Some generally reported issues are, large sized files (greater than 10 GB) cannot be imported into the QMC running on the Internet Explorer. If multiple files are to be executed at the same time, the status of execution freezes and hangs and the user has to delete tasks and initiate them again. Also, selecting multiple users is a very slow process.
  • The storytelling feature has limitations as some languages like Japanese, Chinese, etc are not supported entirely.
  • Glitches in the working of Qlik Engine also shows through improper loading, reloading, execution, error messaging, keeping data intact while transitioning, in ODBC connections etc.
  • Issues in Qlik Sense Repository are faced in removing folders, not being able to read local files as the URL entered will not work even after setting up a database connection.
  • Sometimes unauthorized access is granted to the user as a result of a technical glitch in the Qlik Sense Server. The server also fails in its duty by not handling Japanese and Chinese language characters properly in the User Directory.
  • In order to install a new Qlik Sense Sever on your device, you must have the server from the previous version installed on the same device. Also, the server installation settings cannot be stored in a folder having Japanese, Russian, Chinese characters. If done so, the server installation will not take place properly.

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So, this was all in Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations. Hope you like our explanation.

3. Conclusion

Hence, in this Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations tutorial, we saw all the main pros & cons of the Qlik Sense. So, any number of advantages definitely add to the value of a product. Also, its limitations leave scope for improvements. However, we hope better versions of the technology will release as promised, where all these limitations will seize to exist.

Still, if you have any confusion related to Qlik Sense Advantages and Limitations, ask in the comment tab.

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    In this blog this problem is mentioned. “Sometimes unauthorized access is granted to the user as a result of a technical glitch in the Qlik Sense Server.” Can you give source examples of this fact. This is a very troubling issue especially in this moment in time.

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