Qlik Sense Use Cases in Different Sectors With Examples

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Today, in this Qlik Sense Use Cases tutorial, we will see the use cases of Qlik Sense in different sectors with their examples. The application of Qlik Sense spreads across a variety of sectors of industry. As Qlik Sense provides convenient ways and tools for data analysis, many companies from varied sectors use Qlik Sense.

So, let’s start Qlik Sense Use Cases Tutorial.

Qlik Sense Use Cases

Given below is a list of Qlik Sense Use Cases in all the different sectors. Also, each sector has some special pre-defined use cases as discussed under.

i. Qlik Sense in Communications

The Qlik Sense Use Cases in the communications sector are given below.

  • Customer service and call center to analyze customer service and call center data.
  • Retail sales to analyze the performance of a telecommunication retailer.
  • Sales, customer experience & churn for sales and customer analysis.
  • Customer experience analysis to analyze the data on the experiences of the services that customers share.

ii. Qlik Sense in Consumer Products

Qlik Sense Use Cases for carrying out analysis on customers and products that they buy.

  • Sales and operations planning to carry out an overall analysis of the sales and operations planning processes.
  • Market share analytics to analyze the companies market size and market share.
  • Automotive dealer performance analysis to analyze an automotive dealership’s performance.
  • Consumer goods sales to analyze sales, margin, and budget data from a consumer goods company.
  • Supply chain – inventory & product availability to view and check inventory levels, insights into availability, alternative sources of replenishment, and sales information.

iii. Qlik Sense in Cross-Industry

There are many Use Cases of Qlik Sense for cross-industrial businesses.

  • Finance toolkit which gives the insight to finance and accounting departments.
  • SAP procurement to analyze SAP Business Warehouse data.
  • Workforce management to analyze the performance and workload of the team.
  • Qlik dataMarket – World weather data to explore and analyze Qlik DataMarket weather data.
  • Fleet management to analyze fleet performance for transportation and logistics organizations.
  • Human capital management to analyze workforce data in areas such as ethnic diversity, gender compensation, etc.
  • Sales performance, pipeline, and productivity to discover how all components of the Sales organization are performing.
  • Helpdesk management to see how IT managers and individual resources within the IT team analyze support tickets.

iv. Qlik Sense in Entertainment & Sports

Qlik Sense has application in even the entertainment sector like analyzing the business a show or a movie has done in a particular region in a specified time period. Or, analyzing the TRPs of television shows etc.

  • Oscars, analysis of 90 years of movie awards.
Qlik Sense Use Cases

Qlik Sense Use Cases – Qlik Sense in Oscar Analysis

  • Show business to analyze decades of movie data.
  • History of the warsaw marathon to analyze statistics of the Warsaw marathon.
  • Golf analysis: Masters to analyze the Masters Golf Tournament.
  • Financial Efficiency in Baseball to analyze how much value is gained for each additional dollar spent.
  • Formula one to analyze 40+ F1 races since 1950 with Qlik Sense.
  • Summer olympics to explore medal count from the first competition of 1896 to London in 2012.

v. Qlik Sense in Financial Services

Qlik Sense Use Cases in Financial Services

  • Insurance claims analysis to probe into automobile insurance claims.
Qlik Sense Use Cases

Qlik Sense Use Cases – Qlik Sense in insurance

  • Finance toolkit gives insight into finance and accounting departments.
  • Consumer bank 360, an application which contains loan portfolio data for a bank.
  • FX sales analytics to explore and analyze FX sales and trading analytics.
  • Insurance to analyze loss ratios, and premium growth together to perform sophisticated analysis of an insurer’s performance.
  • Risk-adjusted performance management which uses commercial loan portfolio data to gain insights into improving Return on Equity and Return on Assets.
  • Wealth sales to analyze the performance of wealth advisers.

vi. Qlik Sense in Healthcare

  • Diabetes discovery to gain insight into patients at risk.
  • Clinical trial recruitment to find the right candidates for your clinical trial.
  • Clinical variation – orthopedic, to analyze clinical variation within the orthopedic department.
  • Hospital readmissions to analyze hospital readmission data.
  • Patient costing to explore and analyze patient-level costs and variations in care between clinicians.

vii. Qlik Sense in High Tech

Qlik Sense is used by the high-tech industries to measure and analyze their Market potential and market share and to explore the trends in the IT market in order to maintain a spot in the competitive environment.

viii. Environment

Qlik Sense can be used to analyze data related to any environmental dynamic or natural phenomenon. Some examples of which are given below.

  • Canadian wildfire analysis Demo to analyze Canadian Wildfires from 1950 to 2015.
  • Solar eclipse to explore and analyze how close the solar eclipse is to you.
  • Indian migration to visualize where people are moving to and from in India and analyze the patterns.
Qlik Sense Use Cases

Qlik Sense Use Cases – Qlik Sense in Indian Migration

ix. Qlik Sense in Life Sciences

Some applications of Qlik Sense in the life science sector is given below.

  • Pharma Sales to analyze pharma field sales and customer analysis.
Qlik View Use Cases

Qlik Sense Use Cases – Qlik View in Pharma Analysis

  • Pharma field sales performance which integrates Veeva and Qlik to analyze pharmaceutical sales.
  • Pharma market share analysis to analyze pharma market share data at the physician level for a sample set of products in the Virology market.

x. Qlik Sense in Manufacturing

  • Overall equipment efficiency to analyze uptime and improve throughput.
  • Plant operations to analyze the operations of a manufacturing company.
  • Fleet management to analyze fleet performance for transportation and logistics organizations.
  • Tesla supercharger coverage to visualize and analyze Tesla supercharger stations around the world.
  • Automotive dealer performance analysis to analyze an automotive dealership’s performance.

xi. Qlik Sense in Public Sector

Some common use cases in the domain of the public sector are given below.

  • Police work analysis to analyze the work of front-line officers.
  • Opioid crisis analysis to analyze the opioid crisis geographically.
  • UK crime analysis to explore and analyze future UK crimes using advanced analytics integration and R.
Qlik Sense Use Cases

Qlik Sense Use Cases – Qlik Sense Crime Analysis

  • US housing characteristics data to explore the Qlik DataMarket housing characteristics data.
  • Situational awareness analysis to analyze and understand the situational awareness around the globe.

xii. Qlik Sense in Retail

  • Digital consumer analytics – Shoe Retail to analyze consumer browsing data.
  • Store site selection and performance to explore the options for the best location for a new store.
  • Retail margin erosion to analyze margin impact of markdown percentage and sales performance.
  • Retail omni-channel analytics to experience how a retail company may leverage Qlik Sense.

So, this was all in Qlik Sense Use Cases. Hope you like our explanation.

Conclusion – Qlik Sense Use Cases

Hence, in this Qlik Sense Use Cases, we saw all the sectors in which Qlik Sense is most potentially used. Also, we have discussed the examples and cases within each sector which have been used in real life. So, this lesson makes it evident that Qlik Sense’s use and applications are widespread, touching almost every realm of life.

Still, if you want to ask anything related to Qlik Sense Use Cases, ask in the comment tab.

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