Qlik Sense Future Scope – Roadmap of Qlik Sense

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In our Qlik Sense tutorial, we have learned enough features and capabilities of the tool. This shows the efficiency and potential of Qlik Sense as a good business intelligence tool. Today, we will see the Qlik Sense Future Scope. So, let us take this though a step ahead and discuss the future and scope of Qlik Sense in BI space.

What’s Qlik Sense Future Scope?

As we know, Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization, discovery, and analysis tool. It is widely known for its self-service capability and ease-of-use as it gives the user. Also, for the freedom, it gives to analyze data in whichever way they like. The tool is rated highly in terms of ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup.

Worldwide organizations prefer it more because it provides an easy drag and drop functionality to create visualizations using data instead of relying on complicated scripting. Along with this, Qlik Sense is famous for its responsive design and scalability to any type of device, data storytelling, sharing and integration, enterprise-level governance capabilities for large enterprise deployments.

As far as we concern the Qlik Sense future scope, looking at the current scenario and demand of Qlik Sense, it can only be replaced by a modern tool having revolutionary technology in the future. But, for now, Qlik Sense and QlikView have proven to be unique and promising tools because of their quick data processing and analysis capabilities due to the in-memory associative QIX engine. Thus, Qlik Sense is an in-demand BI software in today’s’ time and expect to remain so. It also opens many job avenues for skilled Qlik Sense professionals.

What is Customers Verdict for Qlik Sense? 

A good way to anticipate the Qlik Sense future scope and weight its potential is to see what users or customers of Qlik Sense have to say about it. Because if a tool manages to keep its customers satisfied by catering to their needs well, then it is indeed a promising tool with a promising future.

According to the customer’s latest reviews of Qlik Sense, there are a lot of features and capabilities due to which it is a well-appreciated tool in the market. The highlighted features are listed below,

  • Qlik Sense is great in built-in ETL which enables importing data from varied/multiple sources and molding it into Qlik Sense data models.
  • Excellent ad hoc reporting and data visualization capabilities. Users appreciate the user-friendly dynamic dashboards and the intuitive design of the tool.
  • Scalable solutions supporting multi-node deployment. Cloud-based deployments are also easy.
  • A robust, secure and customizable data security technology named section access.
  • Robust associative and aggregation engine with extended self-service capabilities.

i. Qlik Sense needs improvements

According to the users,

  • Qlik Sense performance decreases when it comes to handling large amounts of data.
  • Visualizations are not very customizable.
  • There is no central repository or library for all the applications and it also lacks a central governance tool.
  • For advanced analytical objects, one needs to use extension objects as the built-in objects are basic.
  • It is a very new tool in business intelligence as compared to other big players and needs maturation in several aspects.

Qlik’s Future Roadmap for Qlik Sense

Enhanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Integration: Qlik Sense is projected to further incorporate ML and AI capabilities into its platform. To provide consumers with more insightful information, this can incorporate functions like automated data preparation, intelligent data discovery, and predictive analytics.

Advanced Data Connectivity: Qlik may keep adding data connectors and integration options to make it easier for users to access and analyse data from a variety of sources, such as streaming data sources and cloud-based data platforms.

Collaboration and sharing capabilities may be improved to encourage better user cooperation and information exchange. This might include improved comments, real-time collaboration, and sharing opportunities.
Improved Analytics and Visualisation: Qlik Sense is anticipated to keep developing its analytics and data visualisation features, providing customers with more complex chart kinds, scalable dashboards, and interactive visualisations for an improved user experience.

Mobile Improvements: Qlik Sense may further enhance its mobile app to offer users on various mobile devices a fluid and responsive experience, assuring data accessible on the go.

Data Governance and Security: Given the continued importance of data privacy and security, Qlik Sense is anticipated to improve its data governance capabilities in order to adhere to data regulations and provide improved security controls.

Cloud and Multi-Cloud Solutions: In order to meet the demands of a wide range of users, Qlik Sense is probably going to provide more cloud-based solutions and multi-cloud capabilities in the future.

So, this was all about Qlik Sense Future Scope. Hope it helped you.


In conclusion, Qlik Sense is an efficient tool with increasing demand in the market due to its ease of use and simplicity as a data visualization and discovery tool. Thus, Qlik Sense has tremendous scope and a promising future if it keeps up with the customer demands and market trends and maintains a timely release of updates like its competitors like Power BI and Tableau. Still, if you have any question related to Qlik Sense Future Scope, ask in the comment tab. 

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