Importance of Qlik Sense Training – What You Will Learn

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We have already seen the courses and certifications provided under Qlik Sense training modules. But let us also shine some light on the importance of this Qlik Sense training.

Qlik Sense Training

Importance of Qlik Sense Training – What You Will Learn

1. What is the Importance of Qlik Sense Training?

The training provided both in QlikView and Qlik Sense is referred to as Qlik’s education. Qlik provides various training opportunities, useful resources, and technologies to different types of users such as business analysts, business users, data architects, system administrator, web developer. The courses are designed based on the user type and their field of choice. The training team offers their support in designing a course specific to your organization’s need. The Qlik Sense training modules include general data analytics and data literacy skills along with Qlik Sense specific skills. It is done so that the user can be good at their job in every way along with having a good grip on Qlik Sense’s techniques and working.

Following are the reasons why Qlik Sense online training is important – 

  • It enhances the performance of your organization by maximizing productivity and thus, ROI.
  • Users can learn in groups which promotes report sharing and collaborations as they can work collectively on drawing insights from data visualization and reports. They will learn how to use Qlik Sense’s potential to share insights within and outside of the organization.
  • You can take custom workshops tailored according to your or organization’s need along with the standard courses provided for Qlik Sense by Qlik.

2. What are the Qlik Sense Training Offerings?

Let us understand the importance of Qlik Sense training by seeing what does all the offerings in Qlik Sense Courses for the users.

  • Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense which is a scenario-based course, teaches the fundamentals required to enable you for self-service visualization and discovery. You will learn how to design beautiful and effective Qlik Sense visualizations and guided stories.
  • Data modeling for Qlik Sense teaches you to create data models, use data load editor and data manager efficiently, creating and maintaining data connections, resolve data structure issues and script errors, data transformation, resolving synthetic keys and circular references etc.
  • Deploy and administer Qlik Sense trains the users in understanding deployment plan requirements, deploying single and multi-node configurations, using the QMC, working on Qlik Sense enterprise, adding and managing users, understanding Qlik Sense licensing and token configuration, data and system security, adding and managing data connections, monitoring and troubleshooting system errors.
  • There is a course titled “Qlik Sense for QlikView Developer” which trains the QlikView Developers in basic Qlik Sense skills and technologies such as Qlik Sense architecture, data analysis using smart search, designing and developing Qlik Sense apps, creating data models and visualization, data management, migrating the data into a QlikView app, on-demand app generation (ODAG) for big data, advanced analytics with Qlik Sense etc.
  • Create reports with Qlik NPrinting” trains the users in Qlik NPrinting skills, creating reports such as PowerPoint reports, Word reports, Excel reports, PixelPerfect reports, HTML reports, filters etc. Along with this, users get to learn report access, distribution, publishing and security.
  • Embedded analytics with Qlik Sense APIs trains the users to integrate and embed data analytics in various platforms, portals, and applications using the Qlik Application Platform. Through this course, one can learn integration capabilities in single as well as multi-node server, developing Qlik Sense visualization and web application extensions, using Qlik Dev Hub, carrying out open source projects etc. It focuses on teaching the On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) and Qlik Data Exchange (QVX).
  • Advanced Calculations and Expressions which includes training the users on working with variables, using string functions, nested aggregations, set expressions, and advanced set expressions.
  • Qlik GeoAnalytics trains business users and analysts in location intelligence by teaching aggregate operation configuration, map layer creation, map setting configuration and resolving data mismatches and location errors. Along with this, users get to learn how to perform geospatial operations such as aggregation, geometric analysis, looking up and routing
  • Advanced Scripting Capabilities course is an advanced level training in scripting capabilities used in data modeling. This course holds its significance in teaching data modeling best practices such as data classification, working with crosstables and generic data loads, working with QVD files, controlling loop iterations, program flow, null value conversions etc.

So, this was all about Qlik Sense Training. Hope you liked our explanation.

3. Summary

So, it is evident from the information we just shared that Qlik Sense training polishes the skills of a user in so many ways. All the training modules are rich in knowledge and techniques for mastering the tool in the best way possible. Still, if any query, ask freely in the comment tab. 

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