Qlik Sense Developer: Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

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Qlik Sense is a widely popular data visualization and analytics tool. It is a preferred choice by the users for its ease of use and simplicity. In this session, allow us to throw some light on the roles and responsibilities of a Qlik Sense Developer and the average salaries offered to them in India, USA, and the UK.

Qlik Sense Developer: Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

Qlik Sense Developer: Roles, Responsibilities, and Salary

1. Qlik Sense Developer: Roles and Responsibilities

As one of the leading BI technology, Qlik Sense provides job opportunities in many areas and under varying titles. The main job types and titles are Qlik Sense BI Analyst, Qlik Sense Developer/Programmer, Data Architect, Data Scientist, Technical Consultant etc. There is a set of responsibilities that come along with each of the mentioned job title.

Let us discuss the key responsibilities of a Qlik Sense Developer.

  • Hands on experience in Qlik Sense development, dashboarding and data modeling and reporting (ad hoc report generation) techniques.
  • Must be good at Data transformation, the creation of QVD files and set analysis.
  • Experienced in application designing, architecting, development and deployment using Qlik Sense. Must be efficient in front-end development and know visualization best practices.
  • Strong database designing and SQL skills. Experienced in RDMS such as MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.
  • Strong communication skills (verbal/written) to deliver the technical insights and interpret the data reports to the clients. Also helps in understanding and serving to the client’s requirements.
  • Leadership qualities and thoughtful implementation of Qlik Sense best practices in order to deliver effective Qlik Sense solutions to the users.
  • Able to comprehend and translate complex and advanced functional, technical and business requirements into executable architectural designs.
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation.
  • Experienced in data integration through extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data from various sources.

i. Skillset for Qlik Sense Developer

  • GUI development
  • Shell scripting
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Information Management
  • SQL and RDMS
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting

2. Qlik Sense Developer: Requirements and Qualifications

Now let us have a look at what are the prerequisites for landing a decent job as a Qlik Sense Developer.

  • 1-3 years of experience as a BI/DW professional or Qlik Sense Developer.
  • Qlik Sense certification.
  • Bachelor’s degree (BE/B.TECH) in Computer Science, MIS or related qualification. A master’s degree is always helpful.
  • A strong analytical and logical mindset is much appreciated.
  • Well-versed with concepts and techniques of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.
  • Must be familiar with a project’s complete life cycle implementation of at least 1 to 2 projects.
  • Skilled in Qlik Sense web integration, advanced SQL knowledge, Stored Procs, SQL scripting, nested selection, stored procedures, triggers, analytic functions, tuning etc.

3. Qlik Sense Develope Salary

On an average, a Qlik Sense professional with an experience of 2-5 years ranges from $69,500 per annum for a data analyst to $1,28,000 per annum for a data scientist.

The salary for Qlik Sense Developers in the USA ranges from $122,850 per year for beginners, while most experienced workers make up to $149,175 per year. Thus, the average falls close to $1,36,500 for a well experienced professional.

Whereas in India, the average salary of a Qlik Sense Developer is Rs. 8,50,000 per annum.

4. Summary

We hope the information given here on Qlik Sense Developers proved to be useful for you. Let us know if you have any queries or need more information on related topics in the comment box below. See you in the next post!

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