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We have always known python as an object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It has attracted users from different platforms for its advantages in rapid application development and its dynamic building options. Little did we know that it is considered to be one of the “safest” programming languages too apart from all the popularity because of its functionality. Also, Python plays an important role in the healthcare sector.

Although it is tough for a normal person to believe that programming languages like Python are important in healthcare. There’s not only one reason that makes python in the limelight of healthcare. There are a number of reasons which make Python an important asset for the ones researching in the healthcare department.

Let’s explore, what is the importance of Python in healthcare and why it is considered to be one of the safest languages.

python in healthcare

Before moving ahead in Python in Healthcare article, read a little about Python Frameworks that are Django and Flask.

Django and Flask – The Python Frameworks

The performance of Python is appreciated against abilities like meeting deadlines, quality and amount of code. To achieve the same, Python is present with a framework Django.

Its trustworthy modules are so effective that you don’t need to develop them by yourself. Also, the built-in maintenance against the web-app attack adds to its utility. Django framework allows developers to meet their requirements of any business idea related to eHealth or telemedicine projects.

There is also Flask, again a Python-based framework often used for building prototypes because of its great efficiency and can be extended to the full-stack framework with existing extensions. Its uses are still less than that of Django because it requires more time for configuration.

Why Python in Healthcare is Important?

Below are some important reasons for using Python in Healthcare sector, have a look –

  1. Python and its frameworks work on principles that are grounded equally and agreed upon the HIPAA checklist.
  2. A full look at the big data healthcare allows the organization to exchange information for seeking patient outcomes.
  3. The performance of the platforms made with Python is focused on their availability in phones and the web.

How Medical Startups are using Python?

  • Roam Analysis

Uses machine learning (artificial intelligence) and comprehensive contextual data to take over biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, that need to make decisions, suggest treatments and get the best possible patient outcomes.

Roam’s platform is powered by a proprietary data asset called Health Knowledge Graph which is continuously enriched using natural language processing to gather information and make connections with new data.

According to the official description, “Roam’s machine learning and data platform powers rich analysis of patient journeys to reveal the factors affecting treatment decisions and outcomes.”

  • AiCure

It is an NIH and VC-funded healthcare startup in New York. AiCure automates the process of ensuring that patients are taking their medicines, that too at their assigned time. It has combined artificial intelligence and mobile technology together.

For example, it uses computer vision to identify the patient (face recognition) and verify the right pill for the specific patient (using pill recognition) and they are actually consuming them (action recognition). They develop their backend applications using Django frameworks and use python base coding and research engineers to develop it.

Amazed by the magic of Python in Healthcare? Here are some more startups –

  • Drchrono

It is a software as a service patient care platform that consists of a web and cloud-based app. This American company is for doctors and patients that make electronic health records available digitally and provides management and medical billing services. This is also a phone and web concentrated platform.

  • Fathom Health

Again a Healthcare startup with deep learning NLP system for reading and understanding electronic health records. This startup with headquarters in San Francisco, California is backed up by Google. Their employees are familiar with Flask for API programming and data engineers prefer Python’s NLTK.


As we saw that Python is not only suitable for programming and web-based applications but it is also helpful in the healthcare sector. The Python is in the continuous development face. That is one of the major reasons why Python got such a big hand in the healthcare department. This application of Python will lead towards a better future and betterment of healthcare. Healthcare is a challenging field and Python is performing very well here.

Python role in Healthcare is just not limited here there are much more applications of Python that will lead towards a better and more high tech future. Many of us are unknown from the fact that Iron Man’s Jarvis is made up of Python.

So you must start thinking of your future in Python. As Python is the most trending language, you must start learning Python on your own to secure your future.

Happy learning 😊

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