Python Features Infographic – What Makes Python Most Craved Language?

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A language is by what it can do for you, and by what you can do with it. No two languages are the same; in this blog – Python Features Infographic, you will see what makes Python any special.

Since its first appearance in 1990, Python has made quite a name for itself with its simplicity and power. Not only is it easy to read and code in, but it is also often the preference of many professionals when it comes to domains like Data Science and Machine Learning. This makes it a good fit for an introductory programming language in schools.

Why is it called Python?

The most intriguing fact about Python is its name. The name of this language was influenced by the British comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.  The series was aired on BBC during the 1970s and Guido Van Rossum (the creator of Python) wanted the name of the language to be short and mysterious, one that would capture everyone’s attention.

Python Features Infographic

Why Python is different from other languages

Python offers many features; this escalates its demand in the IT industry. A large number of programmers and developers across the world express their interest in it. Thanks to its English-like syntax, it is easy to read and understand. It is also easy to code in; this boosts productivity as it lets the developer focus on what to do rather than on how to do it. It has a multitude of powerful libraries like scikit-learn and NumPy. With a very large community at its heart.

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What is it that makes Python so powerful and popular? As they say, the world’s best camera is no more than a toy in the hands that have no idea what to do with them. To truly harvest the power of something, you must introduce yourself to the tools it gives you. To aid with the same, we have put together the following infographic, hoping to deliver quick insights into what you’re in for.

And that’s all about Python Features Infographic. Did we forget to mention something? Will you be picking Python for your next project? Tell us in the comments below.

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