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1. Python Career Opportunities

We’ve been seeing a lot of Python every day here, but what is it all worth? Sure, Python is easy, and cool to learn, and powerful, but what do you get in return? To answer questions like these, we base today’s article on the Python Career Opportunities and Python Scope it gifts you. In this tutorial on Python Careers, we talk about India. Read on.

Python Career Opportunities - Python Careers

Python Career Opportunities – Python Careers

2. Number of Python Jobs

While there’s a high demand and career opportunities for Python developers in India, the supply is really, really low. To testify this, we’ll take account of an HR professional statement. The professional was expected to recruit 10 programmers each for both Java and Python for a few projects. About a hundred good resumes flooded in for Java, but they received only 8 good ones for Python. So, while they had to go through a long process to filter out good candidates, with Python, they had no choice but to take those 8 candidates.

What does this tell us about the situation? Even though Python has really easy syntax, we really need more people in India to consider it. But then, this is what makes it a great opportunity for an Indian with the skills. When we talk about the number of jobs, there may not be too many for Python in India. But we have an excellent number of jobs per Python programmer. This a good news about Python Careers

Not very long ago, one of India’s unicorn software companies faced a dilemma. It had won a $200 million (Rs. 1200 crore) contract with a large US bank to develop an app store for them. But the company lacked enough dexterous Python programmers. Since Python was the best language for the project, it ended up paying thrice the billing amount to a group of freelance Python programmers in the US instead.

Job boards like Indeed and Naukri offer around 20,000 to 50,000 job listings for Python and this shows that Python career opportunities in India is High. Python Careers are good to go with. The below screen shop from indeed job trends ahows job trends in Python compared to other languages.

Python Career Opportunities

Python Career Opportunities – Python job Trends

Source: Indeed Job Trends

3. Types of Python Jobs

So what types of jobs can you land with Python?

Well, for one, Python Scope is intensive use in data science and analysis. Clients often want hidden patterns extracted from their data pools. It is also preferred in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Data scientists love Python. Also, in our article on Applications of Python, we read about NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, pandas, IPython notebook. These are some useful libraries available for Python, and they let us explore the advanced areas of Python and different Python career opportunities.

Python Career Oppotunities - Python Careers

Python Career Opportunities – Python Careers

a. Job Profiles:

With Python on your resume, you may end up with one of the following positions in a reputed company:

  • Python Developer: A Python developer has the following roles:

Use server-side logic

Develop software related to asset management

Write and implement software solutions that integrate different systems

Identify and suggest various opportunities to improve efficiency and functionality

Write reusable and testable code

Support new projects and implement solutions from a Level-3 perspective

Integrate data storage solutions

Implement data security and protection

  • Research Analyst: A research analyst for Python must fulfil the following roles:
  1. Conduct research on a situation, a market, an issue, or a social context
  2. Assess a project’s parameters, precise goals, or chances of success
  3. Explore consumer behavior
  4. Examine trends in industry
  5. Provide strategic insights derived from digital marketing and sales
  • Data Analyst:

A data analyst will:

  1. Look at data, and find answers to a given set of questions
  2. Look at known data from new perspectives
  3. Address business problems
  4. Perform analysis on a daily basis
  5. Analyze collected data using relevant statistical tools and techniques
  • Data Scientist:

Specializes in Big Data

Builds functional, accurate, and reliable machines. This enables better decision-making working with large-scale complex dynamical processes

  • Software Developer: A software developer will:
  1. Review current systems
  2. Present ideas for system improvements, propose costs
  3. Work closely with analysts and designers
  4. Produce detailed specifications, write program codes
  5. Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live
  6. Prepare training manuals for users
  7. Maintain systems once up and running
  • DevOps Engineer: A DevOps engineer is involved in the following activities:
  1. Coding/Scripting
  2. Business Process Reengineering
  3. Collaboration

4. Comparing Python to Other Technologies

Comparing to technologies like Java and PHP, Python is a bit less popular in India. In fact, many big giants still have one foot stuck in Java. To top that, Python doesn’t even make it to school or college curriculum, when Python career opportunities and Python scope is high is actually a great language for beginners, as we discussed.

But Python actually pays more. In the professional world, Ruby and Python developers earn the highest grub, only next to Swift. In India, a fresher Python developer takes home around 5 lakhs per annum. Refer to the bar graphs below.


Python Career Opportunities - Comparing Python to Other Technologies

Python Career Opportunities – Comparing Python to Other Technologies


Spectrum by IEEE ranks Python #1 in the list of Top 10 Programming Languages for 2017. In fact, it jumped up to #1 just this year.

5. Future of Python

In our write-up on Applications of Python, we saw where Python finds its use. But what about the future? While many top companies are stuck with Java, Python is one of the new technologies. The future is bright for Python with:

Python Career Opportunities - Future of Python

Python Career Opportunities – Future of Python

a. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines. This is in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. It is one of the new technologies taking over the world. When it’s about AI, Python is one of the first choices; in fact, it is one of the most-suited language for it.

For this purpose, we have different frameworks, libraries, and tools dedicated to let AI replace human efforts. Not only does it help with that, it also raises efficiency and accuracy. AI gives us speech recognition systems, autonomous cars, and so. The following tools and libraries ship for these branches of AI:

  • Machine Learning- PyML, PyBrain, scikit-learn,  MDP Toolkit, GraphLab Create, MIPy
  • General AI- pyDatalog, AIMA, EasyAI, SimpleAI
  • Neural Networks- PyAnn, pyrenn, ffnet, neurolab
  • Natural Language and Text Processing- Quepy, NLTK, genism

b. Big Data

Big Data is the term for data sets so voluminous and complex that traditional data-processing application software are inadequate in dealing with them.

Python has helped Big Data grow, its libraries allow us to analyze large amount of data across clusters:

  • Pandas
  • scikit-learn
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • GraphLab Create
  • IPython
  • Bokeh
  • Agate
  • PySpark
  • Dask

c. Networking

Python also lets us configure routers and switches, and lets us perform other network-automation tasks cost-effectively. For this, we have the following libraries:

  • Ansible
  • Netmiko
  • NAPALM(Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support)
  • Pyeapi
  • Junos PyEZ
  • PySNM
  • Paramiko SSH

All these technologies rely on Python today and tomorrow.

6. Top Organizations Using Python

With its extreme popularity and powerfulness, Python is preferred by unicorns too:

Python Career Opportunities - Top Companies Using Python

Python Career Opportunities – Top Companies Using Python


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses Workflow Automation System (WAS), an application written and developed in Python. It was developed by NASA’s shuttle-support contractor USA (United Space Alliance).

NASA also uses Python for APOD(Astronomy Picture Of the Day), API, PyTransit, PyMDP Toolbox, EVEREST.

b. Google

Who, on this Earth, lives and doesn’t know Google? We use it for everything- sometimes, even to find answers to life’s deepest questions. Google uses Python for its internal systems, and its APIs for report-generation, log analysis, A/Q and testing, and writing core search-algorithms.

c. Nokia

This one reminds me of Nokia 3310, that pocket phone that could break a tile. Nokia makes use of PyS60 (Python for S60). It also uses PyMaemo(Python for Maemo) for its S60(Symbian), and Maemo(Linux) software platforms.

d. IBM

An American multinational technology company headquartered in New York, IBM uses Python for its factory tool control applications.

e. Yahoo! Maps

Maps is an online mapping portal by Yahoo! It uses Python in many of its mapping lookup services and addresses.

f. Walt Disney Feature Animation

WDFA uses Python as a scripting language for animation. All the magic that happens in Disneyland has a bit of Python behind it.

7. Payscale in Python

In section 4, we saw a rough approximate of how much a Python professional makes. In section 3, we saw some job profiles. So, how does each profile fair in this department?

Python Career Opportunities - Python Salary

Python Career Opportunities – Python Salary

Python Developer- Rs. 336,000k/year

Software Engineer- Rs. 543,840/year

Senior Software Engineer- Rs. 909,651/year

Software Developer- Rs. 524,032/year

DevOps Engineer- Rs. 634,345/year

Data Scientist- Rs. 816,147/year

These statistics have been sourced from and

8. Why Must You Learn Python

So, after all this Python career opportunities talk, why must you learn Python? What has it to offer to you? What is the cope of Python? Let’s see.

Python Career Opportunities - Why Python

Python Career Opportunities – Why Python

  1. Its simplicity and conciseness makes it perfect for beginners.
  2. It has a large community that continuously contributes to its development.
  3. Because of the highly demand-supply ratio, it provides excellent career opportunities, especially in India.
  4. We have a number of frameworks to make web development easy as pie.
  5. Python is the chosen language for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  6. Raspberry Pi, a microcomputer, lets us make our own DIYs with Python, at prices that do not blast holes in your pockets.
  7. Both, startups and corporates, make extensive use of Python, thanks to its powerfulness and simplicity.
  8. Python replaced Java as the second-most popular language on GitHub, with 40 percent more pull requests opened this year than last.

Python Career Opportunities

Source: GitHubThe State of the Octoverse 2017

This was all about our blog post on Python Career Opportunities

9. Conclusion: Python Scope

Now that you know what doors Python can open for you and what are the different Python Career opportunities, which one will you take? Let us know in the comments.

If you have any question on Python Career Opportunities, please drop a comment.

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