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In today’s world, where changes are constant, the growth in popularity of Python seems to catch up really well with outnumbering the demand for other programming languages. Hence someone with Python Certification in its complete programming domain is as precious as a blue diamond in the corporate world. Python will take you miles ahead in your career path as it comes with a number of growth opportunities.

Why Python?

Development in Python is fast due to its simplicity with respect to syntax and easy compilation features. A large number of available libraries and frameworks cut the development time up to half and supports data analysis, manipulation, and visualization. There is no doubt why it is so-called the “most-preferred” language and considered a “must” for professionals.

Python Career Path

Python career path - python job opportunities

Let’s explore the various aspects involved in the career path of Python programming:

Python Job Opportunities

Engineers starting their career in Python and the ones who are experienced, it is alone sufficient to stand out in the majority of available programmers and profession choices. All that is required is supporting abilities. Seat-based analysts covering both the scholar world and industry, give the great case of a Python engineer client, however, this gathering is widening in scope. Python is an all-purpose language. It can be used in web development, scripting, testing, app development, and upgrades. Before even becoming a developer or a data scientist, there are multiple career options for the one who becomes a Python expert. With a substantial amount of experience and good Python certification courses, one can easily switch between jobs and aim for higher positions.

Python Job Profiles

With multiple merits, future scope and growth in Python are very attractive. You can always become a part of a technological landscape and influence the world in your way through your work. This magic can be done with many jobs after learning Python:

  • Software Engineer – A software engineer is an IT specialist who can design, develop and deliver software applications. They are also responsible for testing and maintaining software applications.

Average Salary : $105,071

  • Research Analyst – A researcher analyst is responsible for researching, analyzing and interpreting data relating to marketing, operations, finance, economics, customers, etc.

Average Salary : $68,268

  • Data Analyst – A data analyst’s job is to collect the data, then analyze and interpret it to turn them into insights and help companies improve their business.

Average Salary : $66,993

  • Python Developer – A Python Engineer is proficient in web development, designing, and building applications. They are also responsible for automating tasks for easy development.

Average Salary : $117,890

  • Data Scientist – A data scientist is highly capable of analyzing data and building predictive machine learning models. They communicate and propose solutions to business challenges.

Average Salary : $121,762

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  • Machine Learning Engineer – A machine learning engineer is a software engineer who can perform statistical analysis on data and bring machine learning models into production.

Average Salary : $138,601

Python Jobs Salary

Python is much ahead of its peers in terms of salary offered. They tend to be very impressive and competitive in numbers to those offered in other programming languages. The reason behind the difference in salaries is due to less number of Python developers available that are skilled well. According to PayScale, Data Analyst with Python skills draws a salary of about $62,878 per year in the US. The figures will be higher in the coming years and with more experience.

Python Popularity

Python TIOBE Index 2019 - Python Career Path

TIOBE Index for June 2019 – “This month Python has reached an all-time high in TIOBE index of 8.5%. If Python can keep up this pace, it will probably replace C and Java in 3 to 4 years’ time. Thus becoming the most popular programming language in the world.”

What’s the reason behind this popularity of Python?

Python is not young at all. It existed even before Java and according to StackOverflow developer’s report, it is the most loved programming language. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science field are growing rapidly. Python is the preferred choice of developers because of its ease of coding, handling complex scientific calculations and support from the open-source community has led to the exponential growth of Python.

(The above table is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages)

As the indicator is set to green, it clearly mentions that the demand for Python is extensively increasing and so is the scope. It is astonishing that Python is used by 41 large organizations in the world. Some of these players are- Facebook, Instagram, Quora, YouTube, SlideShare, Dropbox, Pinterest, Netflix and a lot more. With the addition of Google to the above neverending list, it has now become an open secret to excel in the development world.

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Python is indeed filling all the positions that should be occupied by the best programming languages with its spread in various domains such as application development, web development, amusement advancement, framework organization, logical and numeric figuring, GIS and mapping and so on and so forth.

Python Developers/ experts are looked up onto by significant organizations to make their working platform more flexible and provide improvement in their coding conditions. As a future of Python developer, you will be required now and again and again to work in additional prospects and contribute to high exciting ventures. Above everything said and told, all that is required is performed to prosper in Python, be it be experience or Python certifications. With that level of skill set, nobody can stop you!

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Ready to explore the career path of Python? All the best for the exciting journey!

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  1. Rakshith says:

    I want to be a software engineer by profession, do you thing developing software has gone down by career, do you think everything will be AI, do you think by learning python i can get software developer job? reply is must please reply me.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hi Rakshith,
      The field of traditional software development is going down but the software development in data science and artificial intelligence is reaching new heights. And, it has a very bright future in the IT world. Therefore, you can start by learning Python from the Certified Python Training Course and become the next data scientist.
      All the best!

  2. Tejasampath says:

    Tq for giving a good suggestions for the future

  3. Laxmi says:

    Currently i am working as data analyst (excel+sql) and now m thinking to learn Python+ML can you please help me in my decision m in right path or not

  4. Vivek says:


    I am having 10 years of Non-IT experience. Will doing a certified course in Python can help me getting a job ? I desperately need to change the career.

    Please help!

  5. DataFlair says:

    Python is a very beginner friendly language. I think Non-IT wouldn’t be a problem when you have the interest to learn. Python can be used in various domains like web development, AI, etc. So you can choose one or more domains of your interest and can develop your career. All the best and Happy learning!

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