Advantages of Python over Java – Java vs Python

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Learn Java vs Python to understand the difference between Java and Python.

As we know, out there, we have Python which has made amazing progress in the last few years and currently giving edge-on competition to java and its applications.

Both languages are perfect as they are capable of doing almost every task. To make a decision between them, understanding Java vs Python is must.

Python Introduction

It can model real-world entities being an object-oriented programming language. It is also dynamically typed, carrying out type-checking at run-time.

Different from Java, Python is an interpreted language that executes one line at a time in the Python Integrated Development Environment (IDLE).

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Java Introduction

It is a general-purpose programming language that is concurrent.

Java is class-based and object-oriented. It follows the principle of “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) and is platform-independent.

We can say that it is free to access and can run it on all platforms.

Advantages of Python over Java

Let’s begin the rigorous comparison between Python and Java!

1. “Hello world” example

Starting with the very basic program we come across while learning any language.


public class HelloWorld
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println("Hello World");


print(“Hello World”)

The 7-line length of code in java compared to 1-line code in python says it all about which one wins this point!

2. Syntax

Python is a dynamically-typed language. Hence, you don’t need to determine variable types as the checks are done at runtime by the interpreter.

This forms a design to be “English-like” therefore code becomes much more readable and simpler.

Python is friendly for beginners as it uses indentation in the place of braces which makes it similar to that of pseudocode.

Java, on the other hand, has strict syntax being statically-typed one needs to declare variables explicitly.

With the smallest irregularity in the code, the complete code will not compile. That is not the easiest thing to be handled by developers.

Advantages of Python over Java

Here are the advantages of Python over Java on the basis of application, job opportunity, and salary. Let’s start –

advantages of python over java

a. Application-Based

Moving onto application-based differences which can show the advantages of Python over Java –

i. Data Science

Python has taken over the scientific and research community, and the reason is because of its ease of use and simplified syntax.

Thanks to its versatility, Python has become a sort of skill one can have to join the data science community or any computer science-based development community.

Python is incredibly productive as it makes frameworks available with APIs, with addition to the scientific packages coming from the industry.

ii. Machine learning

Since Python is a full-fledged general-purpose language, it has become popular amongst people coming from various disciplines, experimenting with machine learning.

People trying to bring the power of AI to their fields also drag the use of Python and its importance in their respective fields also.

Java is also considered as a fairly good option when the database is old and again platform is Java-based.

As the industries, old or new, are moving towards trending technology, it is possible that the use of java fades away.

iii. Web Development

Backend development can be covered by both languages. It is extremely hard to cover all the designing requirements from scratch and to also take care of reliability and effectiveness.

To cover all these prospects, developers use frameworks that can do the same. The most popular ones are Django and Flask (Python).

Basic functionalities like routing requests can be done with Flask, a micro-web framework. For more features, Django is used. It adds efficiency and security to the backend.

As far as Java is concerned, Spring is a well-known Java backend framework but it is not as trending as Django nowadays. It is a more powerful option for building an enterprise-level application.

iv. Job Opportunity and Salary Base

Proceeding the advantages of Python over Java on the basis of Job opportunity and salary factors:

Each Language provides a different set of job opportunities but it is worth noting that Python is making more strides than Java, looking at the current situation.

Tools belonging to Python – GREENLETS, and GEVENT allow threading-like programming style. Python tools also support in writing mobile applications – KIVY.

Python’s recent updations, such as fixing error messages, modify paths in Windows installer, etc have made it easier for coders to work with it.

As far as the job is concerned, Python has a slight edge over Java. Python seems to be an exception when the salary distribution is concerned.

Python is one of the highest-paid programming languages. It is worth noting, $110,021 is not as a number to be ignored when that much of amount is added to your bank balance.

The average salary of Python computer programmers may be high but it cannot explain all factors of python being the favorite one for engineers.


Python’s use is just like a helpful assistant that is handling you tools. It serves as a glue language for beginners and experts to come together and collaborate for scientific development.

While Java certainly has its own benefits and has done wonders for coders, but Python recently has started making more sense. Its contributions are far more flexible, user-friendly, and create an enjoyable coding experience.

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