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Searching for a good quiz to test your Python knowledge? Your search ends here. This Python online quiz is for intermediate and advanced learners. It will not only help you to test your knowledge but also discover your strengths and weaknesses with Python. I hope you have played the previous quizzes by DataFlair:

So, let’s play the Python online quiz.

Q.1. What is the output of this code?

def func - python online quiz
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We can pass the keyword arguments to func in any order. And ** is evaluated right to left. So, 2**2**4 is 2**16. This is 65536.

Q.2. How will you not create a dictionary?

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Option D creates a set, not a dictionary.

Q.3. In the following code, how will you get to the value 7?

list - python online quiz
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Q.4. Which of these can you use as a dictionary key?

Please select 3 correct answers

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Immutable objects cannot be keys in a dictionary.

Q.5. What does the following code print?

a= 1 2 3 - Python Online Quiz
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a is not the same as a[:] for a list. They refer to different objects.

Q.6. In the following code, what is the output?

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2 and 3 are non-Boolean operands. The and operator gives the second value because both are truthy.

Q.7. Which of the following return True for a string?

Please select 3 correct answers

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s[:] is a reference to the original string, but s[::-1][::-1] is a reference to a new object.

Q.8. What is the value of round(12.5) - round(11.5)?

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Python uses the round-half-to-even strategy. So, round(12.5) and round(11.5) are 12.

Q.9. Select the correct statements:

I. We define classes and functions with the def keyword
II. A class can define an object
III. A class can define a function
IV. A function can define a class

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We define classes with the class keyword and functions with the def keyword. Classes can define functions and objects. Functions can define classes.

Q.10. Select the correct output for this code:

try - python online quiz
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Q.11. What is the output of this code?

print l1 l2 l3 l4 - Python Online Quiz
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l2 is the same object as l1. l3 and l4 are shallow copies of l1. But changing l1 does not change l3 and l4.

Q.12. What is the output of this code?

print l1 l2 - python online quiz
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When we change a sublist in the shallow copy, it changes the original.

Q.13. What is the size of an empty tuple in Python?

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Empty tuples have 48 bytes as overhead size. Also, each element holds 8 bytes.

Q.14. What is the output of this code?

def show - python online quiz
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The program prints for indices 4 to -5, and then raises an IndexError for length=-5.

This completes our third Python online quiz of the series. I hope you enjoyed playing the quiz.

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If you have any suggestions regarding the Python online quiz, share it in the comments. We will be glad to update them.

9 Responses

  1. apeksha jain says:

    If i am not wrong the Q.8 answer would be 1 instead 0.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hello Apeksha,

      The answer is zero as Python uses round to even strategy for .5 values. Try running the script in Python and you will understand.

  2. Pavan Kumar Korlakunta says:

    for 12th question the answer is option a it’s not b,if we use l2=l1 then option b is correct but here you used l2=l1.copy() while using this statement it cannot affect the l1 list

    • Max says:

      l2=l1.copy() creates a shallow copy. The reference to the list [2, 3] is copied, not the list itself.
      Therefore l1 is affected.

  3. Adeleke Dare says:

    Hello, I am new to programming and I wish to enrol in the course so that I can have access to your facilitators but I am financially incapable. Please, If I can go through all the tutorials in the blogs and creating a portfolio with the projects on the website, will they be enough for me to develop something on my own or secure a job.


  4. vpbisht says:

    def show(list,length):
    print(list[length-1],end= ”)

    I am getting 5[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] 4, do I missed something here.

  5. Lakshmeesha Kadamannaya says:

    Very nice, this set of questions is little tough as compared previous two sets.

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